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Financial Planning

Get online with Social Security

Added security is one more reason everyone who’s eligible should establish an online Social Security account. The sooner you set one up, the harder it will be for an imposter to set one up in your name or using your Social Security number. […]

Watch your language: Attention to details

By Joel Dresang
I am not a financial professional. That was my excuse for the prejudice I showed against certain applicants for financial internships. […]

How to be safer online: Email

Email has become an increasingly popular and effective tool for identity thieves and fraudsters. As part of a series of MONEY TALK VIDEOS, Jason Scuglik offers tips on how to use email with an eye on protecting your personal financial information. […]

How to be safer online: Passwords

Making passwords easy to use can also make them easier for criminals to take. Jason Scuglik offers tips on how to be safer with personal financial information. […]

Making the Most of Charitable Giving

In a MONEY TALK VIDEO, Bryan Becker suggests strategies to consider with a tax advisor on making the most of charitable giving. […]

What’s in your wallet: Family talks

By Joel Dresang
In most families, money talk is taboo. Parents are about as comfortable talking about finances as they are talking about death. Yet, as we dream and plan and make decisions in life, it helps to have a sense of what we can afford – whether it’s holiday gift shopping or determining when to retire. Part of that context involves having a handle on our family’s finances. That requires communication. […]

Overstuffed: You can’t take it with you

By Joel Dresang
What will become of all the stuff we have been accumulating when we’re done with it – which, for many of us, is when we’re done? If you have ever been involved with clearing someone’s residence because of a death or downsizing, you know you don’t want to impose that burden on anyone you love. […]

How to be safer online: Computer use

Tips on how to protect personal financial information in a MONEY TALK VIDEO. […]

Don’t let ID thieves get your money too

By Joel Dresang
My experiences with identity theft offer warnings and reassurances about the latest compromise of personal data. […]

Minimizing losses away from home

By Joel Dresang
While one absconded with my card, the other sneaked a read of my PIN. […]

Knowing portfolio income vs. withdrawals

Knowing the difference between portfolio income and portfolio withdrawals can help investors keep their safe money safe. That is particularly important in retirement, Dave Sandstrom explains why in a MONEY TALK VIDEO. […]

Kids: Why can’t they be like we were?

By Joel Dresang
A primal mission throughout the ages has been to make the next generation better off. For eons, our forebears have sacrificed – crossed oceans, endured hardships, surrendered lives – for our benefit. You don’t have to look far to see examples of such efforts every day.
And yet, only 37% of Americans believe the next generation will be better off. That puzzles me. And it turns out that I am party to the pessimism. […]

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