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Financial Planning

Work longer to fatten Social Security

A report from the National Bureau of Economic Research suggests some Americans could benefit as much from working just a little bit longer than from increasing their retirement saving rate by 1%. Lisa Lewitzke explains how that could be and what it means to retirement planning in a MONEY TALK VIDEO. […]

Trying to transition off a treadmill

By Joel Dresang
Many retirees would rather be working. But at the same time that more employers are complaining about a lack of job applicants, they’re serving sheet cake for older employees who have cleared out their desks to head for home. Under the right circumstances, older workers can negotiate mutually beneficial work-to-retirement transitions. […]

Retirement confidence or ignorant bliss?

So why are workers so confident of their retirement when they’ve done so little to prepare for it? […]

5 tips for naming beneficiaries

Designating beneficiaries for their accounts lets investors control who gets how much of the account’s distributions when they die. As Mike Hoelzl explains in a MONEY TALK VIDEO, naming beneficiaries can help cut confusion, delays and expenses for distributing funds. He offers five tips to consider. […]

Emergency lessons from a 40-year-old deuce

By Joel Dresang
What strikes me now about that $2 bill in my wallet is the value of being prepared for an emergency. If you know you can cover a worst-case scenario, you have one less worry weighing you down. You can enjoy the here and now a little better. You’re afforded the luxury of working toward the future without dreading it. […]

Retirement spending: Safe rates

Retirees often are advised to set a withdrawal rate for their investments. In a MONEY TALK VIDEO, Art Rothschild explores when to consider varying the rate. […]

Procrastinate your way to retirement ruin

By Joel Dresang
The Center for Financial Literacy, at Boston College, calls procrastination “the number one barrier to making retirement more secure.” […]

Retirement plan: Working longer (or not)

By Joel Dresang
Increasingly, Americans reaching retirement age aren’t retiring. I wonder if I’ll be one of them. […]

Retirement spending with heirs in mind

Strategies for tapping retirement accounts can vary when investors expect to leave money behind. As he explains in a MONEY TALK VIDEO, Dave Sandstrom says retirees should plan to consider the consequences their withdrawal choices might have on their beneficiaries. […]

Get online with Social Security

Added security is one more reason everyone who’s eligible should establish an online Social Security account. The sooner you set one up, the harder it will be for an imposter to set one up in your name or using your Social Security number. […]

Watch your language: Attention to details

By Joel Dresang
I am not a financial professional. That was my excuse for the prejudice I showed against certain applicants for financial internships. […]

How to be safer online: Email

Email has become an increasingly popular and effective tool for identity thieves and fraudsters. As part of a series of MONEY TALK VIDEOS, Jason Scuglik offers tips on how to use email with an eye on protecting your personal financial information. […]

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