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Investing away from home

By Kyle Tetting
At a recent investment conference in Chicago, I struck up a discussion with a financial advisor from Australia about the challenges facing investors today. One of his concerns in particular struck me. While the Australian investors he works with have embraced the importance of asset allocation and the role of balance, he said, few are eager to invest more than a small amount outside of Australia. U.S. investors have a similar bias.

Retaining value in your stock portfolio

In a MONEY TALK VIDEO, Marc Amateis suggests a strategy for keeping value-oriented stock funds in long-term investments. […]

The case for active funds amid volatility

Considering the revival of stock market volatility and the phase of the business cycle, Kyle Tetting says the timing is right for investors to take a careful look at actively managed mutual funds to mix in with low-cost passive index funds. Kyle explains why in a MONEY TALK VIDEO. […]

Singling out concerns in your investments

Technology helps make divestiture easier, but as Kyle Tetting explains in a MONEY TALK VIDEO, investors also have other factors to weigh. […]

Be patient holding bonds as rates rise

Bonds can struggle when interest rates are rising. In a MONEY TALK VIDEO, Steve Giles explains why and how to hold on. […]

How to use the Morningstar web portal

Kyle Tetting, research director of Landaas & Company, shows investors in a MONEY TALK VIDEO how to make the most of updated features in the secure client web portal from Morningstar. New looks and functions are aimed at giving clients more control in checking up on their investments portfolios and drilling down to the details. […]

Volatility is back: 5 things to know

After more than a year of calm, stock market volatility returned in the first quarter of 2018. Such turbulence, while par for the course, can rile investors into bad decisions, Dave Sandstrom warns. In a MONEY TALK VIDEO, Dave offers five reminders to help long-term investors stay level-headed. […]

5 things to do when stocks aren’t cheap

Valuations of the broad stock market have been above the long-term average for a number of years. It doesn’t necessarily mean stocks are too expensive, they’re just not cheap. In a MONEY TALK VIDEO, Marc Amateis offers options for investors to consider during such periods. […]

Rebalancing: Better safe than sorry

By Joel Dresang
I get it. Rebalancing was wise. Still, the process was a bit unnerving for me. And it didn’t help that I did the math. […]

Investment lessons from the last downturn

Past experience suggests that a more balanced asset allocation can help long-term investors withstand stock market sell-offs. In a MONEY TALK VIDEO, Steve Giles shows how balance can both lessen the impact of a downfall and hasten a portfolio’s recovery. […]

Deciding which retirement accounts to tap

In a MONEY TALK VIDEO, Dave Sandstrom explains the differences among various retirement accounts. […]

The role of stock sectors in investments

The performance of stock sectors can shift at various points in the economic cycle, as Kyle Tetting explains in a MONEY TALK VIDEO. […]

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