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Deciding which retirement accounts to tap

In a MONEY TALK VIDEO, Dave Sandstrom explains the differences among various retirement accounts. […]

The role of stock sectors in investments

The performance of stock sectors can shift at various points in the economic cycle, as Kyle Tetting explains in a MONEY TALK VIDEO. […]

Watch credit quality as spreads narrow

Marc Amateis explains in a MONEY TALK VIDEO why bond investors need to ask if they’re getting paid enough for the risk they’re taking. […]

Autumn 2017 State of Investments

Amid relatively high stock valuations, stubbornly low inflation, synchronized global growth and low market volatility, investors have a range of variables potentially affecting their portfolios. In a MONEY TALK VIDEO, Brian Kilb and Kyle Tetting make sense of the state of the markets and suggest what it means for long-term investors. […]

Earnings Yield: Valuing Stocks vs. Bonds

The earnings yield is a tool that allows investors to compare the relative valuation of stocks against alternative investments. As Kyle Tetting explains in a MONEY TALK VIDEO, the earnings yield is found by flipping the price-earnings ratio on its head. […]

2017 Investment Outlook Seminar – The Quiz

Take our 10-question quiz to test how much you learned at the 2017 Investment Outlook Seminar. […]

2017 Investment Outlook Seminar

Year after year, Bob Landaas reminds hundreds of clients at annual seminars that two fundamental factors – earnings and interest rates – are the chief drivers of long-term investment performance. At the 2017 Landaas & Company investment outlook seminars, Bob emphasized the point even stronger.

Global exposure via large U.S. companies

It’s a big world out there, and investors should balance their portfolios to reflect it. Owning shares in large, multinational U.S.-based companies can help, as Marc Amateis explains in a MONEY TALK VIDEO. […]

Why investments outperform their investors

Investors behave in ways that reduce their returns. Kyle Tetting explains in a MONEY TALK VIDEO. […]

4 Ways investors can control their success

Investors who worry about everything that could possibly affect their money need to focus on what they actually have some power to control, Steve Giles advises. In a MONEY TALK VIDEO, he explains how that approach is better for their investments (and perhaps their sleep). […]

Investing for portfolio income as rates rise

Kyle Tetting explains how investors can pursue income in their portfolio as low rates slowly recover. […]

 Making financial sense of “breaking news”

As researchers and regulators raise alarms about investors encountering misleading financial information, Art Rothschild advises restraint. Impulsive reactions can spoil long-term plans, Art explains in a MONEY TALK VIDEO. […]

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