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Once you have decided to become a client, we make sure we understand how much you know about investments, what your personal investment history is, what your risk tolerance is and a whole host of other variables that help us draw a personalized roadmap based on your individual wants and needs. This is a reference point we will visit throughout our relationship.

We are proud that we are able to keep our fees below industry averages, which is one of our core missions as an investment firm. We always want you to understand the fees and costs for the services you receive.

We offer many different fee arrangements, based on the type of relationship you wish to have with Landaas & Company. Among the options are:

  • Investment Advisory
  • Brokerage
  • By-the-Hour Consulting

We want to do what is best for you, with the lowest fees possible. Our ultimate aim is to keep you as a client and help you build your wealth and protect your principal.

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