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    LeadImage-300x200 The science of communicating balance

    By Kyle Tetting
    Commuting between Kenosha and Milwaukee, I frequently listen to science and related podcasts and audiobooks. I gravitate toward generalists. The generalists who better grasp how to convert the complex to the digestible. Their lifework is not in the underlying science, it’s in communicating science. I see this as a significant aspect of my work as a financial advisor.

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Money Talk News

featuredimage Heads Up: Problematic Paper Payments

Banks report more cases of check fraud. We share tips and resources. […]

featuredimage Money Talk Quiz, February 2024

Multiple-choice questions offer investment insights from the Money Talk Podcast. […]

featuredimage Retirement: The matter of saying when

“Think about retirement as a privilege. One that we shouldn’t waste.” […]

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A sampling of what’s catching the eye of professionals at Landaas & Company. […]

featuredimage Changing calendar doesn’t change story

By Kyle Tetting
My annual looks ahead tend to focus more on the current conditions and what they mean for investing more broadly. […]

Featured Articles

What is up with inflation?

By Joel Dresang
How we talk about inflation matters. It makes a difference in how we feel about the economy and our place in it. It can affect our willingness to spend – which collectively impacts the economy. It can affect our expectations and whether we feel our incomes – from work or from investments – are keeping up. Inflation affects investors, too. […]

What We’re Reading

Our latest peek at what’s catching the attention of professionals at Landaas & Company includes coverage of an influential figure with the Federal Reserve, a possible turn in consumer sentiment and an investment strategy that follows dogs. […]

Heads Up: COLA is automatic

Social Security reports swindlers are asking some beneficiaries for private information and fees for the 3.2% benefit raises that begin automatically in Jan. 2024. Protect yourself from scams. […]

Money Talk Quiz, January 2024

Multiple-choice questions curated from recent Money Talk Podcasts offer investment insights from Landaas & Company advisors. The answers include links to further information. […]

Social Security benefits not going away

By Joel Dresang
there are good reasons for taking Social Security earlier. But the reasons vary by individual, which makes it wise to consult a financial professional who knows your particular situation.
There also are bad reasons for taking Social Security early. Among them: Headlines. […]

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