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    LeadImage-300x200 Over the river and through the Fed

    By Kyle Tetting
    If anything taught me directions growing up, it was the countless trips to visit family around the holidays. With one exception, I tended to have a good sense of where we were going and how to get there. As we survey the economic landscape entering another holiday season, there’s an interesting parallel between my formative years and the current environment.

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Money Talk News

featuredimage Gratitude is an enriching attitude

By Joel Dresang
Research attests that gratitude can help us be healthier, calmer, better rested, more accomplished — even richer. […]

featuredimage The shifting values of growth and value

In a MONEY TALK VIDEO, Paige Radke explains how conditions have shifted favor between growth and value stocks – and what it means to investors. […]

featuredimage What We’re Reading

An occasional sampling of what’s catching the attention of professionals at Landaas & Company […]

featuredimage How investors can navigate bear markets

In a MONEY TALK VIDEO, Steve Giles talks about how to handle occasional steep stock sell-offs. […]

featuredimage 2022 Investment Outlook Seminar Quiz

A multiple-choice quiz covering the 2022 Investment Outlook Seminar includes links to further resources in the answers. […]

Featured Articles

Investor upsides as interest rates rise

As interest rates have been rising, investors have seen the values of their bond holdings shrink. In a MONEY TALK VIDEO, Kendall Bauer points out some of the upsides of the rising rate environment. He spoke with Kyle Tetting as part of the 2022 Investment Outlook Video. […]

Money Talk Quiz, December 2022

Multiple-choice questions test your knowledge of what investment advisors have been discussing during the Money Talk Podcast. Answers include links to more information so you can learn even more. […]

Learning to embrace the next phase

After more than 25 years at Landaas & Company, Brian Kilb is retiring. Here is a message he sent to his clients announcing his move. We share it in its entirety not only to pass along the news but to relate the wisdom of his sentiments. […]

Inflation can cut both ways for retirees

By Joel Dresang
The good news about the highest inflation in 40 years is generous benefits boosts to retirees and those saving for retirement. Both Social Security and the IRS are adjusting allowances in 2023 that should help tens of millions of Americans. […]

The Fed: What investors should know

The Federal Reserve Board is the world’s most influential central bank, yet most investors know little about its mission or its tools. Dave Sandstrom explains in a MONEY TALK VIDEO with Kyle Tetting. […]

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