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    LeadImage-300x200 Pandemic lesson: Invest in resilience

    By Kyle Tetting
    It took longer than we anticipated, but 2021 provided opportunities to get back to things we did prior to the pandemic. Of course, the path to recovery has not been a straight line.
    As much as we want to cross the finish line on the pandemic, for now, declaring victory may be more about resilience than outright conquest. But if there’s a lesson to be learned from 2021, investors shouldn’t be afraid to bet on resilience.

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Money Talk News

featuredimage Knowing when to tap Social Security

By Joel Dresang
Timing retirement involves so much more than when to take Social Security. Still, those benefits play a bigger role than most people realize. […]

featuredimage How to optimize your giving

In a Money Talk Podcast, Bob Landaas leads a discussion about wise ways to be charitable. […]

featuredimage What omicron means for your investments

By Kyle Tetting
The S&P 500 sold off more than 2% Nov. 26, and implied volatility spiked 50%. It’s as if investors were just waiting for bad news. […]

featuredimage Measuring the risks of investments

In a MONEY TALK VIDEO, Chris Evers suggests tools to help investors measure risk. […]

featuredimage Broader views of market movements

In a MONEY TALK VIDEO, Dave Sandstrom talks with Kyle Tetting about how the breadth of participation offers insight into market trends. […]

Featured Articles

Holiday shopping with inflation

By Joel Dresang
At a pre-holiday gathering of extended family, I heard several comments that echoed what I’d been reading about, a topic we’d been discussing at work: Rising prices. Inflation is always an issue. No one likes paying more. Prices are pretty much always going up. […]

Money Talk Quiz, January 2022

Test your investment know-how by answering questions based on recent Money Talk Podcast discussions. Each answer includes links to more information. […]

Naming beneficiaries: Communicate clearly

Investors need to designate very clearly who they want to inherit assets they leave behind in investment accounts. Mike Hoelzl offers tips in a MONEY TALK VIDEO with Kyle Tetting. The video is part of the virtual 2021 Investment Outlook Seminar. […]

Regard risk in reach for investment yield

As investors seek to raise fixed-income returns amid low interest rates, Kendall Bauer warns that reaching for yield entails risks. Kendall spoke with Kyle Tetting in a MONEY TALK VIDEO that was part of the 2021 Investment Outlook Seminar. […]

Investors: Prepare for stock corrections

Stock market sell-offs of 10% are neither unusual nor predictable. In a MONEY TALK VIDEO, Paige Radke talks with Kyle Tetting about how long-term investors can ready themselves for the inevitable. […]

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