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    LeadImage-300x200 Wondering where your portfolio fits

    By Kyle Tetting
    The notion of fear and greed itself is familiar to most. But recent fears of missing out are stoked by the break-neck pace at which things are changing. Investors want to know if they’re holding that stock they read about or if they’re invested in that area that’s been making strides. Such wondering isn’t new, though the question of what to do next is popping up more as stock markets set new records and bond yields remain low.

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Money Talk News

featuredimage Money Talk Quiz, July 2021

See if you can provide the context for a sample of what investment advisors have been talking about recently. […]

featuredimage Event July 15 benefits Women & Girls Fund

The virtual 2021 Women of Distinction Awards honor remarkable women and local nonprofits making a difference in the lives of women and girls. […]

featuredimage Uneven recovery early suggests balance

By Kyle Tetting
What is certain, at least in the recovery to date, is that progress has been asymmetric. This is not unusual for an economy trying to emerge from the stresses of a recession. […]

featuredimage Retirement investing: Consider Roth

By Joel Dresang
The Roth gives us another option for cash in our retirement arsenal, and it’s ours tax-free. […]

featuredimage A dose of caution amid calls for optimism

By Kyle Tetting
Caution may seem out of place amid improving data, but it’s appropriate in light of how far stocks have run. […]

Featured Articles

Wake-up call: Protect against cyberfraud

By Joel Dresang
In the 14 minutes we were on the phone, Mark saved me $441.36. That was the good news. The bad news was all the other rigmarole still ahead for me — and the dreaded reality that this probably will happen again. […]

Recession’s not over till the NBER sings

Economists involved in business cycle information are painstaking when pronouncing the end of a recession. Over the past five downturns, they averaged 15 months between when the recession was over and when they said so. On three of those occasions — 1980, 1991 and 2001, the lag between the turning point and the bureau’s declaration was longer than the recession itself. […]

Money Talk Quiz, June 2021

Besides guiding clients in individual conversations, Landaas & Company advisors offer more general investment insights through articles on the Money Talk page and discussions during the weekly Money Talk Podcast. Test your knowledge from recent podcasts by answering a few questions. Pursue more knowledge through links to further information. […]

Help support the Urban Ecology Center

The Milwaukee-based Urban Ecology Center, which has been connecting city residents with nature for three decades, is holding an outdoor event June 18 at Riverside Park. Landaas & Company is a sponsor of the Summer Solstice Soirée. […]

Pandemic-inspired retirement rehearsal

By Joel Dresang
Rehearsal helps performance. It conditions us. It informs our expectations. It lets us anticipate how we’ll handle a situation. Even improvisers rehearse. Research suggests rehearsal can help retirement, too. […]

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