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    LeadImage-300x200 Uncertainties distract from fundamentals

    By Kyle Tetting
    Stock market volatility abruptly returned in October after a stretch of 74 trading days without as much as a 1% change in the S&P 500. The CBOE Volatility Index – known as the fear gauge – doubled during the month, suggesting traders believe the wider swings may persist. Big fluctuations and a string of losses can be disconcerting, but it’s important to remember that volatility is the norm – especially this late in an economic expansion that has lasted more than nine years.

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Money Talk News

featuredimage What to know about bear markets

In a MONEY TALK VIDEO, Steve Giles notes how investors can plan against bears. […]

featuredimage A testament to update before you’re late

By Joel Dresang
Common wisdom and my family’s experiences suggest you want an estate plan to ease survival much for loved ones. […]

featuredimage Mind correlation to control risk

Paige Radke explains correlation and how it can help guide balance and risk in investments. […]

featuredimage Valuations: What stocks are worth

In a MONEY TALK VIDEO from the 2018 Investment Outlook Seminar, Brian Kilb explains how valuations help determine investments’ worth. […]

featuredimage Resist impulse, take the prudent action

By Kyle Tetting
After the S&P 500’s best quarter since 2013, it’s tempting to want to take some action. […]

Featured Articles

Year-end peek ahead at taxes

With widespread changes in federal income taxes in 2018, investors should consider what to expect when they file their tax returns. Dave Sandstrom explains in a MONEY TALK VIDEO. […]

For What It’s Worth: Ballpark

In a nod to the Milwaukee Brewers and their postseason foray, our occasional exploration of the origins of financial expressions takes a swing at a common term that comes from America’s favorite pastime: Ballpark. […]

2018 Investment Outlook Seminar

In a MONEY TALK VIDEO from the annual client seminar, Bob Landaas presents his investment outlook, sharing with hundreds of clients his insightful observations of global economic forces and market trends and what they suggest for long-term investors and near-term retirees. […]

2018 Investment Outlook Seminar – The Quiz

Find out in 10 questions how much you know from the 2018 Investment Outlook Seminar. We include a link to the video from the seminar as well a link to the quiz answers. (We trust you not to peek ahead before you finish the quiz.) […]

Where I’ve been since the financial crisis

By Joel Dresang
Ten years later, I don’t remember feeling desperate. But in a recent survey, 79% of Americans said they suffered setbacks from the financial crisis: 55% said that 10 years later, their finances still have not recovered. Looking back, I notice several factors that cushioned my family and me from the crisis. […]

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