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    LeadImage-300x200 2022 Investment Outlook Seminar

    In the 2022 Investment Outlook Seminar, a Money Talk Video, Kyle and Bob Landaas explain the circumstances that brought about the current conditions, what investors might expect ahead and how they should be managing their wealth in the meantime. The video includes discussions with Steve Giles, Dave Sandstrom, Kendall Bauer and Paige Radke.

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Money Talk News

featuredimage Knowing your age, colas, doing the math

By Joel Dresang
Everyone likes a sure thing, and I’m pretty sure I’ve found one. […]

featuredimage Money Talk Quiz, October 2022

Quiz questions include Money Talk Podcast talk about bear markets, earnings forecasts, the Fed and more. […]

featuredimage Longer living afterthought to retirement

By Joel Dresang
Longevity experts call for a recasting of when and how we retire. That would require rethinking – and coaching. […]

featuredimage What We’re Reading

An occasional sampling of what’s catching the attention of professionals at Landaas & Company […]

featuredimage Summer calm belies uncertainties ahead

By Kyle Tetting
Broad market measures are stable, and economic indicators have continued to show signs of growth. But even with renewed optimism, it’s never all good. […]

Featured Articles

What We’re Reading

Recent articles and reports circulating among Landaas & Company investment advisors include perspectives on the global economic outlook, the possible impact of midterm elections on long-term investors and the Fed’s history with trying to avoid recession while fighting inflation. […]

Revisit balance: Gain from Powell’s “pain”

By Kyle Tetting
The 2022 Jackson Hole Economic Symposium left a mark on investors. With inflation raging, the annual roundup in Wyoming, sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, offered little new information. But one word in particular captured investors’ attention. […]

Plan now for year-end investment moves

A special Money Talk Podcast explores how investors can help themselves now with year-end transactions and paperwork by having conversations with their advisors about such concerns as capital gains and losses, charitable giving and estate planning. […]

Money Talk Quiz, September 2022

The September quiz includes references to Money Talk Podcast discussions about an investment category more diverse than stocks, how the pandemic has distorted indicators and a way that student loan forgiveness might benefit the U.S. economy. Answers include links to more information. […]

No recession yet, the White House says

By Joel Dresang
Two consecutive quarters of negative GDP do not a recession make. Back-to-back declines in gross domestic product is a common quick-and-dirty description of a recession. Technically, it’s much more complicated. […]

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