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    LeadImage-300x200 Headlines only part of stock market story

    By Kyle Tetting
    The coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China, is getting blamed for late January’s stock market volatility. A mysterious virulent disease is certainly cause for concern and offers a tidy cause-and-effect explanation for investor skittishness, but it hardly tells the whole story of the swing in stock prices. Several concerns predated the outbreak.

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Money Talk News

featuredimage Stock values: Looking forward to earnings

The highest price-earnings ratios in more than a decade have investors eyeing corporate earnings. […]

featuredimage Unraveling the role of paper

By Joel Dresang
Each year, I weigh whether we’re better off staying stuck on paper or giving in to all-digital documents. […]

featuredimage Investment views heading into 2020

Bob Landaas and Kyle Tetting review new year economic trends and financial market concerns in a MONEY TALK VIDEO. […]

featuredimage Tax changes for older workers, retirees, beneficiaries

Dave Sandstrom explains new legislation affecting older workers, retirees in their 70s and IRA beneficiaries. […]

featuredimage Holiday shoppers raise economic trend line

By Kyle Tetting
Despite broad portfolio successes, 2019 hasn’t all been good news. […]

Featured Articles

When should I …check my accounts?

You should keep track of the progress of your investments and also watch for unexpected changes. (As our financial lives evolve, we often wonder at what point or how frequently to take certain actions toward our long-term goals. In an ongoing feature, investment professionals from Landaas & Company provide answers.) […]

Multiple reasons for an exceptional 2019

By Kyle Tetting
Tail winds for stock prices resulted in exceptional returns for 2019. Notably, though, the strong stock performance was not accompanied by strong earnings growth. Over time, stock prices are driven by earnings and interest rates but, as we saw in 2019, prices can deviate from earnings, at least temporarily. […]

Seeking balance as the world turns slower

By Joel Dresang
Even though a slower global economy should not alarm most U.S. investors, it’s worth monitoring. At the same time, it’s not worth trying to avoid overseas investments. Being part of the global market is essential to a balanced portfolio. […]

For What It’s Worth: Black Friday

The common name for the day after Thanksgiving has more than one story behind it. One story dates back almost to the first national Thanksgiving holiday and has nothing to do with the occasion. Another uses “Black Friday” as a term of disparagement. A third story appears to be just made up. […]

Guiding investors through years of changes

Ron Hansen has been helping investors since 1975, when information was remote, transactions cost $40 apiece minimum and few Americans saved for retirement. At the end of 2019, Ron is himself retiring. He’s ending a career transformed beyond recognition by computer technology, government policies and industry evolution. […]

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