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    LeadImage-300x200 Implementing data, cultivating outlook

    By Kyle Tetting
    In a 2021 interview, a John Deere executive disclosed that the farming equipment manufacturer employed more software engineers than mechanical engineers. Fast-forward a couple of years to an Artificial Intelligence revolution, and the 1837 company’s transformation to a technology business makes sense. It’s not that the basics of farming have changed drastically, it’s that we’ve created equipment capable of precisely measuring the minutiae of critical tasks. Learning to employ all that information takes time.

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Money Talk News

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By Kyle Tetting
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By Joel Dresang
Researchers have found that many investors fear mishandling their wealth amid the cognitive deterioration that accompanies old age. And while a seemingly easy solution is to designate someone you trust to take control for you before you lose it, like King Lear, the tricky point is timing. […]

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By Kyle Tetting
The summer of 2022 may have conditioned investors to expect more volatility. Absent the shocking inflation numbers of last June, it’s difficult to match the market movements we saw a year ago. But it’s also clear that the economic landscape now appears much less uncertain. […]

Do you need to worry about retirement?

By Joel Dresang
Overconfidence can be hazardous to investors. Research economists at Boston College have found that nearly half of all households are at risk of not affording their retirement. But only about one third acknowledge it. Most at risk: High earners. […]

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