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Keeping our eyes on what’s ahead

By Kyle Tetting
Like driving, it’s hard to invest looking in the rearview mirror. Of course, we can still stop to celebrate a bull market that, by many measures, is now the longest on record.
Precipitated by the global financial crisis, the S&P 500 declined more than 50%, bottoming on March 9, 2009. From that low, the S&P 500 has now advanced more than 3,460 calendar days without a decline of 20% or more.
It may not yet be the most profitable advance on record – that distinction goes to the bull market that began in October of 1990 – but the length and general calm of this bull has left many investors with plenty to be excited about.

Ignore bonds at your own risk

With narrower spreads between the yields offered for high-quality and low-quality bonds, investors should be sure they’re getting paid for the risks they’re taking – especially with what’s meant to be the safer side of their portfolio. Kyle Tetting explains in a MONEY TALK VIDEO. […]

Signs of the times: Check risk levels

By Kyle Tetting
Cracks exposed in the most recent market correction should remind investors that market volatility can be driven by many factors.
The debate about the latest correction, the length of the bull market and the timing of changes in each are just some of the many signals investors attempt to decipher as they consider how to invest for the long run. […]

Midyear 2018 Investment Outlook

Halfway through 2018, investment advisors Brian Kilb and Kyle Tetting discuss the prospects for stock markets, fixed-income investments and the global economy in a MONEY TALK VIDEO.

Rising Rates – Not all bad news

By Kyle Tetting
While we still have a long way to go, 2018 has been a tougher year than most for bond investors. A big move for bonds looks nothing like a big move for stocks, but even a couple percent decline feels worse for bonds because they are, after all, the less volatile part of a balanced portfolio.

Handling a record shift in stock volatility

Although stock market volatility merely returned to typical ranges in 2018, the abrupt resurgence was unprecedented, jarring some investors into feeling roller-coaster price swings. Dave Sandstrom offers some perspective in a MONEY TALK VIDEO. […]

Two factors that matters most: An update

By Kyle Tetting
Long-term, two factors drive the direction of stock prices: Earnings and interest rates. The overwhelming direction for both earnings and stock prices is higher. And though the lines do diverge on occasion, the divergence typically doesn’t last long.
We started 2018 with elevated stock valuations and markets excited about the prospects for future earnings. But short-term, other factors besides earnings and interest rates can move stock prices.

What corporate tax cuts mean for investors

Corporations receiving federal tax cuts have several ways they can share the wealth with their investors. In a MONEY TALK VIDEO, Marc Amateis offers some pros and cons of four top options for companies looking to pass tax breaks along to shareholders. […]

Spring 2018 Investment Outlook

The return of stock volatility and sudden rise in interest rates that marked the first quarter of 2018 help inform the outlook for long-term investors. Brian Kilb and Kyle Tetting explain in a MONEY TALK VIDEO. […]

Are we there yet? Rewards of the journey

By Kyle Tetting
As this bull market passes nine years old, I’m dismayed by the number of so-called experts just fixated on its conclusion. An obsession with the end of this cycle is misguided, and it ignores the fact that cycles come and go for patient, balanced, long-term investors.

Correction: Volatility has returned

By Kyle Tetting
This year is off to a strong start. Continued global growth and prospects from tax reform have raised expectations for corporate earnings. At the same time, each new release of economic data suggests more of the Goldilocks growth story (not too hot, not too cold) that has underlined the past few years. However, just as we began to tie a bow on January’s strong returns, a single dark cloud emerged.

How interest rates are shaping up

Kyle Tetting shows how movements in the yield curve suggest what’s happening in the economy and what investors are expecting. […]

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