Pershing LLC, which issues the bulk of the 1099 forms for Landaas & Company clients, has a mailing schedule. The first phase begins by Jan. 31. Phase two—including tax statements on mutual funds—is scheduled to begin by Feb. 15.

If you haven’t already, instruct Pershing to send documents securely to your email address. Here’s how: In your NetXInvestor account online, click “Communications” and then “Settings” to set up “e-Delivery Preferences.” It can save you time as well as monthly mailing fees. (The Financial Organization # for Landaas is 7LD.)

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When Should I …?
As our financial lives evolve, we often wonder at what point or how frequently to take certain actions toward our long-term goals. In an ongoing feature, investment advisors from Landaas & Company provide answers.

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(initially posted Feb. 2, 2017; updated Jan. 28, 2021; Jan. 9, 2023; March 6, 2023)

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