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Behind a recent resurgence in meme stock trading is a group of traders that an article in the Wall Street Journal labels “degen.” The term is related to an expression, “degenerative gamblers.”

Suggested by Kyle Tetting

An article in the Wall Street Journal explains how the wealth effect and higher interest rates are providing Americans with more money than ever to spend. Not only does that add difficulty to the Federal Reserve’s quest to control inflation, but it means a recession is less likely anytime soon.

Suggested by Art Rothschild

Within the ideal for a balanced investment portfolio of diversified assets, research shows that stocks have become more concentrated, especially in three areas. A report by Goldman Sachs details a “concentration consternation” among extremely large, U.S.-based companies in the technology sector.

Suggested by Dave Sandstrom

Among the high-flying tech stocks is a computer chip maker that has quickly risen to be the most valued company in terms of market capitalization. CNBC reports on how Nvidia overcame the likes of Microsoft and Apple. 

Suggested by Adam Baley

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(Initially posted June 27, 2024)