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2021 Investment Outlook Seminar Quiz

As a supplement to the 2021 Investment Outlook Seminar, the annual seminar quiz allows viewers to test their knowledge of the material covered in the video featuring investment advisors Bob Landaas, Kyle Tetting, Dave Sandstrom, Paige Radke, Chris Evers, Kendall Bauer and Mike Hoelzl. {…}

2021 Investment Outlook Seminar

In a Money Talk Video, Bob Landaas and Kyle Tetting share an insightful conversation about the economy and financial markets and possible implications for long-term investors. Their discussion is followed by topical interviews with several other Landaas & Company advisors.
A key message is that investors need to look beyond the pandemic.
“At some point in time, COVID will be in the rearview mirror,” Bob said. “When you’re in the middle of it, I think it’s hard for a lot of people to look forward. But as long-term investors, that’s the key to the game.”

Reasons to celebrate, opportunity to plan

By Kyle Tetting
Eight months into 2021, we’re in the midst of what has been the best year for stocks since 1997. A little celebration may be in order, but it’s also important to note that periods of market strength provide immense opportunity to plan for less robust markets. And while the broad long-term outlook is decidedly optimistic, we’re not out of the woods yet.

Uneven recovery early suggests balance

By Kyle Tetting
What is certain, at least in the recovery to date, is that progress has been asymmetric. This is not unusual for an economy trying to emerge from the stresses of a recession.
However, that asymmetry fuels speculation about fundamental economic shifts that may come more from fear and observations of the early innings of recovery than from any longer-term expectations. Most notably, predictions about inflation have raged on since the last recession.

Retirement investing: Consider Roth

By Joel Dresang
The Roth gives us another option for cash in our retirement arsenal, and it’s ours tax-free. […]

Money Talk Quiz, May 2021

Test your knowledge on a sample of discussions that Landaas & Company advisors have had in recent Money Talk Podcasts. […]

Lessons from the quick sell-off of 2020

By Kyle Tetting
Remarkably, despite the pandemic now running more than a year, stocks continued to set new all-time highs in March 2021. Investors, now with a full year of returns under their belts, face an interesting time to be looking at account statements. One year after the bear market bottomed, the S&P 500 had gained nearly 75%. Of course, stripping out the sell-off that led to that bear market bottom isn’t exactly fair, but that’s just one of the problems with tying ourselves to overly simplistic views of our portfolio. Bring the starting point forward or back a few weeks, and things look drastically different. […]

Money Talk Quiz: Why did they say that?

To see if you’ve been paying attention, test your knowledge on a sample of what Landaas & Company advisors have addressed recently in Money Talk articles and during the weekly Money Talk Podcast. (Winners receive wisdom and bragging rights.) […]

Reasons for thanks, with a long road ahead

By Kyle Tetting
November has given us much to be thankful for. Though the exponential growth of positive coronavirus cases continues to weigh, news from Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca may finally be showing us the light at the end of the tunnel. While stocks had shown strength on the hope of this news, November brought more concrete signs that economic growth may follow a successful vaccine.

Allocation to optimize reward vs. risk

In a Money Talk Video from the 2020 Investment Outlook Seminar, Bob Landaas and Dave Sandstrom explain how investment mix is key to optimizing risk-adjusted returns. […]

Pessimism could send a contrary signal

By Kyle Tetting
Economists at Yale University’s decades-long confidence surveys ask investors what they believe the probability is of a “catastrophic stock market crash in the U.S. in the next six months.” Individual investors were as pessimistic as ever in August, according to survey data. The most recent report shows little improvement. […]

2020 Investment Outlook Seminar

Landaas & Company is delivering its annual client investment seminar online, with Bob Landaas and other investment advisors explaining global market trends and considerations for long-term investors.

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