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Stocks offset fears of inflation over time

For years, Americans have harbored outsized fears of inflation. Not that concerns are unfounded. Like most variables that investors weigh, inflation cannot reliably be forecast. But it can be accounted for. “The best inflation protector is going to be stocks,” Steve Giles said in a recent Money Talk Podcast discussion with Brian Kilb and Kyle Tetting. […]

Separating politics from portfolios

By Joel Dresang
Economists from San Diego State University and the University of Kansas have studied the political partisan bias of mutual fund managers. What they found suggests investors are best served by separating their wallets from their ballots. […]

On Balance: The noise of summer

By Kyle Tetting
A future of lower returns is not encouraging, but it is important to remember that the impact will not be evenly distributed. Opportunities will exist in new stocks, new regions or entirely new ideas. Further, amid current uncertainty, there’s plenty of noise in forecasts.

Low expectations for Social Security raise

Fractional Social Security raises remind retirees of the importance of balanced investment portfolios. […]

Unofficially, we’re in a recession

Don’t hold your breath for official declaration of a recession. Just figure we’re already in one. […]

From peak to bear, now seeking normalcy

By Kyle Tetting
Every bull market seems to end abruptly, but this one felt particularly rushed. […]

Keeping balance in unnerving times

By Bob Landaas
These are certainly trying times for investors. As the novel coronavirus spreads, significant sectors of the U.S. economy have either slowed or shut down. The plunge in stock prices has unnerved even seasoned, long-term investors. I am thankful for practicing a balanced approach to money management. Most clients have a significant portion of their investments in bonds. Bonds serve many roles but primarily function as a source of funds during a bear market.

Challenging the rules on rules of thumb

By Kyle Tetting
One area where rules of thumb miss the nuance of the individual investor is in ballparking how much retirement income investments can produce. […]

Investment views heading into 2020

As 2020 dawns, Bob Landaas and Kyle Tetting review recent economic trends and financial market concerns. They discuss possible impacts on investment outlooks in a MONEY TALK VIDEO.

Guiding investors through years of changes

Ron Hansen has been helping investors since 1975, when information was remote, transactions cost $40 apiece minimum and few Americans saved for retirement. At the end of 2019, Ron is himself retiring. He’s ending a career transformed beyond recognition by computer technology, government policies and industry evolution. […]

Diversification surpasses manufacturing

By Joel Dresang
Sometimes my understanding of how the world works is corrupted by my past experience. By several measures, the U.S. is now in a manufacturing recession, but apparently, it’s not as bad as I would have thought. […]

Expectations of less-than-Great recession

By Kyle Tetting
Many investors see the ghosts of past weakness at every turn. We’ve come to expect the worst as a result of the severe bear market that accompanied the Great Recession.
In many ways, the slow growth of the last decade resulted from a constant expectation that the next shoe could drop at any time. Transparency around the fallibility of stocks and the economy, gleaned from the depths of the Great Recession, may make the next downturn less severe.

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