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Financial Planning

Social Security benefits not going away

By Joel Dresang
there are good reasons for taking Social Security earlier. But the reasons vary by individual, which makes it wise to consult a financial professional who knows your particular situation.
There also are bad reasons for taking Social Security early. Among them: Headlines. […]

Investor guide to giving wisely

Our annual podcast on wise ways for investors to be charitable includes links to other helpful resources. […]

Vigilance alone will not protect you

By Joel Dresang
My phone rang at 11:06 on a Sunday night. I glanced at an unfamiliar number from an area code I didn’t recognize. Spam, I thought. So, I ignored it. Then it occurred to me that the call could be from a bank. Who but bank detectives would be trying to reach me now? […]

Updating retirement enhancement laws

Dave Sandstrom shares some important federal revisions to recent retirement account legislation. […]

Get started on year-end investment moves

A midyear Money Talk Podcast offers tips on preparing for year-end moves that can benefit investors. […]

Guarding wealth against elusive decline

By Joel Dresang
Researchers have found that many investors fear mishandling their wealth amid the cognitive deterioration that accompanies old age. And while a seemingly easy solution is to designate someone you trust to take control for you before you lose it, like King Lear, the tricky point is timing. […]

Heaven can wait: Early inheritance

By Joel Dresang
Another reason for investors to plan ahead is to figure out if they can afford “giving while living” – passing along inheritances in advance of death. […]

Inoculations to protect against scams

Research suggests a way consumers can wise up to scams. […]

Make plans, don’t keep them a secret

By Joel Dresang
The thought that startled me early that morning of the funeral was that if something happened to my wife and me on our drive, our children might not know how to access our plans for how our assets should be distributed. […]

Staying alert to fraudster red flags

“The next morning, the client called back to ask what was going on. She had no idea her email had been compromised and had definitely not requested the funds.” […]

Like pulling teeth: Scrutinize your bills

By Joel Dresang
I’ll spare you the details of my misadventures with dental billing. The bottom line: Review your account statements regularly, and speak up about anything amiss. Considering all your effort to earn, save and invest money, you owe it to yourself to scrutinize how it’s spent. […]

Withdrawals required on inherited IRAs

The Internal Revenue Service has clarified how it will tax individuals who inherited traditional IRAs in 2020 or later, though it is forgiving those who haven’t complied with its new rules in 2021 and 2022. “It is complicated,” said Art Rothschild, who advises affected individuals to see a qualified tax professional. […]

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