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Financial Planning

Inoculations to protect against scams

Research suggests a way consumers can wise up to scams. […]

Make plans, don’t keep them a secret

By Joel Dresang
The thought that startled me early that morning of the funeral was that if something happened to my wife and me on our drive, our children might not know how to access our plans for how our assets should be distributed. […]

Staying alert to fraudster red flags

“The next morning, the client called back to ask what was going on. She had no idea her email had been compromised and had definitely not requested the funds.” […]

Like pulling teeth: Scrutinize your bills

By Joel Dresang
I’ll spare you the details of my misadventures with dental billing. The bottom line: Review your account statements regularly, and speak up about anything amiss. Considering all your effort to earn, save and invest money, you owe it to yourself to scrutinize how it’s spent. […]

Withdrawals required on inherited IRAs

The Internal Revenue Service has clarified how it will tax individuals who inherited traditional IRAs in 2020 or later, though it is forgiving those who haven’t complied with its new rules in 2021 and 2022. “It is complicated,” said Art Rothschild, who advises affected individuals to see a qualified tax professional. […]

Gratitude is an enriching attitude

By Joel Dresang
Research attests that gratitude can help us be healthier, calmer, better rested, more accomplished — even richer. […]

Inflation can cut both ways for retirees

By Joel Dresang
The good news about the highest inflation in 40 years is generous benefits boosts to retirees and those saving for retirement. Both Social Security and the IRS are adjusting allowances in 2023 that should help tens of millions of Americans. […]

Plan now for year-end investment moves

A special Money Talk Podcast explores how investors can help themselves now with year-end transactions and paperwork by having conversations with their advisors about such concerns as capital gains and losses, charitable giving and estate planning. […]

Unretirement: Part of retirement planning

By Joel Dresang
In 2008, I was asked to write an essay for what was to be a sort of retirement keepsake. The book was to celebrate Brett Favre, the Green Bay Packers quarterback, who had just retired after 17 seasons. But of course, then Favre unretired. […]

Possible changes on inherited IRAs

An IRS proposal could change how inheritors of IRAs are required to draw down those accounts. “While the proposal has certainly raised concerns about how to handle distributions, this may be one instance where investors are better served allowing the process to play out,” Kyle Tetting said. […]

Credit yourself by staying vigilant

By Joel Dresang
Eight months ago, when I reported that someone had tried to use my credit card without my knowledge, I said it wouldn’t be the last time. Well, on Jan. 27, it happened again. My credit card issuer texted me to say it declined a $23.65 charge with my card at Aldo shoes. “Was this you? Reply YES or NO.” I replied NO and braced myself. […]

Facing fears or falling to them

By Joel Dresang
A number of forces are behind people’s fear of finances. Besides individual circumstances, low financial literacy is a chief contributor to anxiety and stress over money, according to the joint study by the FINRA foundation and George Washington University. In other words, when it comes to money, what you don’t know can hurt you. […]

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