Category: Financial Planning

  • 6 ways to get more from virtual appointments

    Here are some tips for getting the most out of remote portfolio reviews.

  • Handling wealth: Age-old questions

    Out of curiosity, I started looking for a convenient do-it-yourself cognitive test I could take.

  • Learning to unpack, unleash legacy

    Chess pieces

    I need to cull more than 1,500 articles from our website before the current site’s content can be migrated to a new one.

  • Social Security benefits not going away

    By Joel Dresang there are good reasons for taking Social Security earlier. But the reasons vary by individual, which makes it wise to consult a financial professional who knows your particular situation. There also are bad reasons for taking Social Security early. Among them: Headlines. […]

  • Investor guide to giving wisely

    Our annual podcast on wise ways for investors to be charitable includes links to other helpful resources. […]

  • Vigilance alone will not protect you

    By Joel Dresang My phone rang at 11:06 on a Sunday night. I glanced at an unfamiliar number from an area code I didn’t recognize. Spam, I thought. So, I ignored it. Then it occurred to me that the call could be from a bank. Who but bank detectives would be trying to reach me…

  • Updating retirement enhancement laws

    Dave Sandstrom shares some important federal revisions to recent retirement account legislation. […]

  • Get started on year-end investment moves

    A midyear Money Talk Podcast offers tips on preparing for year-end moves that can benefit investors. […]

  • Guarding wealth against elusive decline

    By Joel Dresang Researchers have found that many investors fear mishandling their wealth amid the cognitive deterioration that accompanies old age. And while a seemingly easy solution is to designate someone you trust to take control for you before you lose it, like King Lear, the tricky point is timing. […]

  • Heaven can wait: Early inheritance

    By Joel Dresang Another reason for investors to plan ahead is to figure out if they can afford “giving while living” – passing along inheritances in advance of death. […]