By Joel Dresang

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Landaas & Company staff and technology have been improving virtual interactions for clients. Based on ongoing experience with remote appointments, here are some tips for getting the most out of remote portfolio reviews.

  1. Be prepared. Get documents such as your investment portfolio’s Morningstar snapshot and performance report in advance. Review the reports ahead of time. “We have more productive conversations if we’re talking about life rather than the numbers on the page,” Kyle Tetting said.
  2. Prepare your advisor. Provide a heads-up on questions you have about your portfolio or changes in your financial situation or plans for the future. Knowing ahead what’s on your mind, your advisor can have a more thoughtful and efficient discussion with you. For instance, Art Rothschild says having your most recent tax return handy can help inform advice on retirement account distributions and capital gains tax planning.
  3. Be safe. When exchanging documents with your advisor—whether you’re receiving or sending—use the secure Morningstar Web Portal. Check with your advisory team if you need assistance.
  4. Include family. If you have been thinking about getting a family member involved with your finances, remote meetings can help make arrangements more convenient. Consider having them on the call for the whole meeting or just getting them introduced to your advisor.
  5. Stay regular. Use the convenience of remote interactions to stay connected with your advisor and stay on top of your investments. “It might not be the same as in person,” Kyle said, “but it’s important to keep checking in.”
  6. Stay engaged. Your advisory team is monitoring your portfolio regardless of meeting frequency and is ready to talk whenever you feel the need, especially amid market volatility. Letting them know how you feel and if you have concerns or questions is important to being sure everyone is on the same page.

Joel Dresang is vice president-communications at Landaas & Company, LLC.

To arrange an appointment, call weekdays at 414-223-1099.

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(initially posted September 4, 2020; revised May 31, 2024)