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Economic SnapChart

By Adam Baley
Seven months through 2016, the health of the U.S. economy remains stable, and the risk of recession remains low. Growth is expected to continue plodding along at a moderate pace. […]

Bob’s View: Seeking clarity from Brexit

By Bob Landaas
The recent vote in Britain to leave the European Union sparked a sell-off in global stock markets and gyrations in currency markets.
Although markets have recovered much of the immediate losses, it is too early to tell if we are over the worst of the recent volatility. While we do not know the ultimate effects of the British vote and we will not for many months, certain things appear likely to occur.

Bob’s View: Still room to run

By Bob Landaas
With this bull market more than seven years old, it is natural to question when the good times will be over. Significant market downturns are normally brought on by recessions.
A recession at this point looks unlikely.
First-quarter gross domestic product (the broadest measure of U.S. economic output) rose an anemic 0.8%. Forecasts call for GDP to average 2% or more in the coming quarters. In the majority of cases, stock prices improve along with improving economic growth.

Negative interest rates: What you need to know

By Adam Baley
Negative interest rates were little more than an academic curiosity until recently when some of the world’s most powerful central banks made negative rates part of their monetary policy.
Just as they sound, negative interest rates require depositors to pay banks to hold their money. Negative rates challenge a fundamental assumption of financial systems – that when you lend someone money, they have to pay you. […]

Ask Money Talk: Inflation

Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | Google Play | RSS As an offshoot of our weekly podcasts – and to encourage your participation – we occasionally feature responses to listeners’ questions. Hear how Bob Landaas responded at the Sept. 29, 2015 client seminar to a question about why he is […]

Bob’s View: Give inflation fears a rest

By Bob Landaas
For years, people have been fretting that inflation was going to skyrocket because of the financial bailout, because of quantitative easing, because of all sorts of reasons.
It’s time to give those fears a rest. The worry that I have had wasn’t whether inflation was going to go up or whether interest rates were going to rise. I kept worrying what if inflation – and with it, interest rates – went down and just stayed down?
I’ll be darned if that’s not what happened. Interest rates fell, and they stayed down. That presents a whole different set of problems to worry about.

Debt in retirement

By Ryan Bruders
and Joel Dresang
The latest research on the financial obligations of older Americans raises questions about the role that debt plays in retirement. According to the Employee Benefit Research Institute, 65.4% of Americans 55 and older carry debt, including mortgages. That’s up from 53.8% in the institute’s first annual survey in 1992. […]

Second Quarter 2015 rebound

The U.S. economy appears to be bouncing back again from yet another first-quarter setback. Despite short-term concerns about Greek debt, investors can take encouragement from improving economic indicators, including greater consumer spending, Kyle Tetting explains in a MONEY TALK VIDEO. […]

Deflation can vex investors

By Tom Pappenfus
Deflation is not a credible threat in the U.S., although it remains an issue in Europe and Japan, so it is worthwhile to examine. […]

Investors getting their arms around oil

By Bob Landaas
One of the key issues that investors are struggling with right now is how much is the price of oil dropping due to the global slowdown, and how much is due to oversupply? At some point, perhaps when the price levels off, people are going to realize that it’s more a supply issue, not a collapse in demand. They’re going to realize that the global economy is not as weak as people think.

Dollar matters for investors

The U.S. dollar has strengthened lately against other major currencies. In a MONEY TALK VIDEO, Marc Amateis explains, what the fluctuation could mean to investors. […]

A return to higher growth

By Adam Baley
A recovery from a financial crisis can be longer than average and slower than normal. Indeed, below-average economic growth is what we have experienced since the Great Recession ended more than five years ago. Investors should expect that to improve and be aware how improving economic trends can impact investment portfolios. […]

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