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What is up with inflation?

By Joel Dresang
How we talk about inflation matters. It makes a difference in how we feel about the economy and our place in it. It can affect our willingness to spend – which collectively impacts the economy. It can affect our expectations and whether we feel our incomes – from work or from investments – are keeping up. Inflation affects investors, too. […]

Retirement spending to the rescue?

Besides showing the strongest inclination among age groups to increase spending, seniors also tend to be wealthier. […]

2022 Investment Outlook Seminar

In the 2022 Investment Outlook Seminar, a Money Talk Video, Kyle Tetting and Bob Landaas explain the circumstances that brought about the current conditions, what investors might expect ahead and how they should be managing their wealth in the meantime. The video includes discussions with Steve Giles, Dave Sandstrom, Kendall Bauer and Paige Radke.

No recession yet, the White House says

By Joel Dresang
Two consecutive quarters of negative GDP do not a recession make. Back-to-back declines in gross domestic product is a common quick-and-dirty description of a recession. Technically, it’s much more complicated. […]

Holiday shopping with inflation

By Joel Dresang
At a pre-holiday gathering of extended family, I heard several comments that echoed what I’d been reading about, a topic we’d been discussing at work: Rising prices. Inflation is always an issue. No one likes paying more. Prices are pretty much always going up. […]

Yuletide logjams: Economy hits holidays

By Joel Dresang
Messages of “Buy-now-or-else!” make me wonder how economic circumstances affect holiday traditions. […]

Recession’s not over till the NBER sings

Economists involved in business cycle information are painstaking when pronouncing the end of a recession. Over the past five downturns, they averaged 15 months between when the recession was over and when they said so. On three of those occasions — 1980, 1991 and 2001, the lag between the turning point and the bureau’s declaration was longer than the recession itself. […]

Recovery: Work in progress

By Joel Dresang
I quit my first job after college in the throes of a recession. While many of my classmates were struggling to find work, I impetuously left a perfectly decent professional position to study abroad. I went from earning money to spending it.
Beyond individual benefits, jobs help economies. The work we do contributes to the prosperity of our employers, which benefits our coworkers and other stakeholders, including business partners and investors. […]

Pandemic spending: Can you spare a dime?

By Joel Dresang
Spare change, it turns out, is another unintended casualty of the coronavirus. With businesses closed and spenders keeping their hands in their pockets, a coin shortage has emerged. It goes to show how profoundly COVID-19 has upended commerce—especially the 70% of the economy driven by consumer spending. […]

First time since 2009: Recession

The National Bureau of Economic Research wasted no time declaring a downturn for the U.S. economy. […]

Unofficially, we’re in a recession

Don’t hold your breath for official declaration of a recession. Just figure we’re already in one. […]

Spend to save the economy

By Joel Dresang
The economy’s reliance on consumer spending is exactly why Congress included provisions to put money in citizens’ pockets as part of the $2.2 trillion rescue package it passed in March. That’s how $2,400 got from the U.S. Treasury to our checking account. Now, it’s our patriotic duty to put that money to work. […]

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