When Should I ...?

At least quarterly and as soon as possible after notification of an update.

You should keep track of the progress of your investments and also watch for unexpected changes.

If you question something you see, such as a transaction you don’t recall or a balance you think looks off, call your advisor team. First, though, verify that the information you’re seeing is from your investments’ custodian, such as Pershing, and not just a snapshot report from a third party, such as Morningstar.

Also, remind yourself that you are a long-term investor. While it’s important to regularly review your account statements and trade confirmations, don’t monitor your accounts too frequently if you find that you get anxious. Many investments tend to experience volatility from week to week, let alone from day to day or hour to hour.

Overreacting to short-term fluctuations can disrupt long-term plans, in addition to adding transaction fees.

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As our financial lives evolve, we often wonder at what point or how frequently to take certain actions toward our long-term goals. In an ongoing feature, investment professionals from Landaas & Company provide answers.
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(initially posted Jan. 29, 2020)

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