Despite data to the contrary, consumers continue to complain that the economy and their pocketbooks are worse off. An article in the Wall Street Journal explores why polls haven’t been tracking with evidence so far that the economy has been making progress: “The vibes are at war with the facts, and the vibes are winning.”

Suggested by Steve Giles

After a recent record of overly pessimistic forecasts for the U.S. economy, the chief executive of the country’s biggest bank has warned that taming inflation will prove more difficult than the financial markets have been suggesting. The Wall Street Journal reports that Jamie Dimon, of JPMorgan Chase, has cited increased fiscal spending and global conflicts among reasons he thinks interest rates could continue to rise.

Suggested by Art Rothschild

Economists are weighing in on a landmark legal settlement changing how real estate agents get paid. The New York Times reports that early assessments don’t look so good for home buyers, raising concerns about an already challenging housing market.

Suggested by Dave Sandstrom

Investors scheming to take advantage of conveniently sold gold bricks at Costco are finding out it’s not as easy as they thought, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal. “When it comes time to cash out their investment,” the article says, “many are learning a hard truth: Gold isn’t the most liquid asset.”

Suggested by Kyle Tetting

Now that you’ve filed your 2023 tax return (or applied for an extension), here’s an intriguing New York Times opinion video that offers an explanation for why the annual exercise is more excruciating (and expensive) than it needs to be.

Suggested by Joel Dresang

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(initially posted April 25, 2024)