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Registered Representative

Robyn Abel

When she was a business student at St. Norbert College, Robyn Abel imagined herself working in financial services, like two of her older siblings.

She got there eventually, but in between, opportunities in retailing and manufacturing pursued her. Her roles included being a buyer of women’s activewear for a national retailer and serving as a supply chain coordinator for a national printing company.

Each position counted on Robyn’s organizational skills, her attention to detail, her abilities to get along and communicate with others. The common thread for her was satisfying the customer.

“There was always somebody I needed to make happy,” Robyn says.

Working with individual investors is particularly rewarding, she says, because of the direct contact she has with clients.

“I like speaking to them on the phone, understanding what they need, working through how to get them what they need and making sure we can accomplish that for them,” Robyn says. “I like the satisfaction for the customer. Our clients are the number one reason that we’re in the industry, to service them. I like to be able to go out of my way, if I have to, to give them what they need.”

Robyn grew up in Milwaukee, not far from where she lives now with her husband, Corey, their teenage daughters and their greyhound, Zoe. Robyn enjoys family (She and her twin brother are the youngest of seven children in a family that gathers weekly for Sunday dinner.) and is a sports fan. She tries to walk or bike daily. Robyn’s volunteer work includes a family tradition of serving beer at Irish Fest.