Margarita Fitzpatrick headshot

Accounting Associate

Margarita Fitzpatrick

Unlike most people, Margarita Fitzpatrick enjoys paperwork. She likes the diligence of double-checking forms and the precision of processing transactions. She appreciates the necessity of such work in making sure that customers get what they expect.

In college, Margaret found herself fascinated by the details of international trade. She had an internship at a retail company in Mexico verifying that imported items complied with Mexican customs laws.

“It’s very interesting how to import and export, how to do the transactions,” Margarita says. “I like paperwork and I like programs. I like typing and inputting. That’s me.”

At Landaas & Company, Margarita helps shepherd paperwork and deposits from clients so that money movements in accounts are authorized and processed correctly.

Her previous experience includes serving customers as a bank teller and managing a residential cleaning company, where her duties involved training, scheduling and supervising 12 employees as well as bookkeeping and overseeing both payroll and customer service.

Margarita has a degree in international business from La Salle Noroeste University, in Obregon Sonora, Mexico. She and her husband, Erik, live with their two sons in Waukesha. She enjoys movies, shopping, visiting with friends and hybrid fitness workouts that include cardio exercises and yoga.