Lisa Edgar headshot


Lisa Edgar

If Lisa Edgar seems familiar, maybe you’ve seen her behind her banjo singing with her band, Razzmatazz. Or maybe it’s because she began working in the same building as Landaas & Company in 1993, running the Midwest Espresso coffee cart with her partner (now husband), Max.

Lisa began singing and playing banjo at pizza parlors while attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison and UW-Milwaukee.

After a stint with the USO entertaining American troops in Japan, South Korea, Guam and the Philippines, Lisa spent six years with The Lean ‘N’ Tender All Meat Band, representing a Milwaukee meatpacker.

Besides writing and recording commercial jingles, she performed coast-to-coast at venues including The Queen Mary, in Long Beach, Calif., the Washington, D.C., Cherry Blossom Festival Parade and aboard Wisconsin’s own Great Circus Train.

Lisa calculates her travel mileage at “thousands and thousands and thousands,” which has made her pretty good at giving directions.

“When people call up and they’re lost, I’m the best person to talk to here,” Lisa says.

Lisa found her way to Landaas & Company in 2008.