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    LeadImage-300x200 Bonds’ place in portfolios gets clearer

    By Kyle Tetting
    I appreciate a great question we received recently from a podcast listener, a question that resonates with many of the conversations I’ve had with balanced investors. In short, he wanted to know what role bonds should play if, for more than a decade, they’ve offered very little in the way of return. It was an especially relevant question for this listener as he explained he has been taking required minimum distributions recently.

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Money Talk News

featuredimage Handling wealth: Age-old questions

By Joel Dresang
Out of curiosity, I started looking for a convenient do-it-yourself cognitive test I could take. […]

featuredimage What We’re Reading

An occasional sampling of what’s catching the attention of folks at Landaas & Company […]

featuredimage Learning to unpack, unleash legacy

By Joel Dresang
It’s not just vanity. It’s natural to think more about legacy as we age. […]

featuredimage Money Talk Quiz, April 2024

A multiple-choice review of highlights from recent Money Talk Podcast episodes. […]

featuredimage AI vs. dot-com: What investors should know

By Kyle Tetting
We need to remember that short-term prices tell us nothing about longer-term investments. […]

Featured Articles

Heads Up: Don’t believe your own ears

Using AI, fraudsters are making impostor scam\s more believable. They copy the voice of someone you know and make it sound as if that person is calling you to send them money. A peek at the con – and what you should do. […]

Money Talk Quiz, May 2024

Test your awareness of issues impacting long-term investors. We glean questions from discussions in our weekly Money Talk Podcast. Answers include links to further resources. Advisors included in this month’s quiz include Adam Baley, Steve Giles, Mike Hoelzl, Tom Pappenfus, Art Rothschild and Dave Sandstrom. […]

Weathering winter, enjoying green shoots

By Kyle Tetting
While the typical April investing newsletters may point to green shoots for investing in stocks and the economy more broadly, I think it’s fair to say those sprouts emerged months ago. The current climate for investors resembles summer more than spring, with a strong growing season forecast and a steady economic backdrop. Stock prices reflect that optimism. […]

Heads Up: Dealing with data breaches

Overall, there’s precious little you can do to prevent your information from being leaked through data breaches. However, you can limit your losses from the fallout. Here’s some advice from the nonprofit Identity Theft Resource Center and […]

A glimpse at retirement down the road

By Joel Dresang
I recently went to Florida with my wife to help her mother vacate the condo where she and my late father-in-law had wintered for nearly 25 years. It was a cathartic visit spent discovering, sorting, prioritizing, packing, discarding and reminiscing. It also was enlightening. […]

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