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    LeadImage-300x200 Finding direction in the fundamentals

    By Kyle Tetting
    Earnings and interest rates.
    As I explained recent weakness in markets with some very patient clients in my office, those words brought me back to reality. I’d spent a few minutes opining on the actions of the Federal Reserve, the prospects of recession and the pressures of inflation. When I had finished my dissertation, my clients asked a simple question: “What are those two things Bob always told us mattered?”

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Money Talk News

featuredimage What We’re Reading

An occasional sampling of what’s catching the eye of professionals at Landaas & Company […]

featuredimage Fed needs tools, time, incremental tuning

By Kyle Tetting
The Federal Reserve faces a constantly moving inflation target. [..]

featuredimage May 13 benefit for Women & Girls Fund

Please join Landaas & Company in applauding and supporting the Women and Girls Fund of Waukesha County. […]

featuredimage Risk, rotation, resilience, rebalance

By Brian Kilb
Let’s step back, take a deep breath, and revisit a few key portfolio thoughts in these challenging times. […]

featuredimage Money Talk Quiz, April 2022

Test your investment know-how in our latest multiple-choice quiz based on discussions from the weekly Money Talk Podcast. […]

Featured Articles

How part of portfolio can act as pension

By Joel Dresang
I am part of a vanishing class of workers with so-called defined-benefit plans—company-funded accounts guaranteeing set monthly payments in retirement. There used to be more of us. My pension is from a former employer. In my age group, 1 in 10 households has a pension. That’s down from more than 6 in 10 in my father’s cohort. […]

Money Talk Quiz, May 2022

The latest Money Talk Quiz includes multiple-choice questions on topics such as the inverted yield curve, the uneven performance of stock indexes and the fundamentals of long-term investing. Test your knowledge (or how much you’ve retained from our podcasts). Each answer includes links to further information. […]

Unretirement: Part of retirement planning

By Joel Dresang
In 2008, I was asked to write an essay for what was to be a sort of retirement keepsake. The book was to celebrate Brett Favre, the Green Bay Packers quarterback, who had just retired after 17 seasons. But of course, then Favre unretired. […]

Possible changes on inherited IRAs

An IRS proposal could change how inheritors of IRAs are required to draw down those accounts. “While the proposal has certainly raised concerns about how to handle distributions, this may be one instance where investors are better served allowing the process to play out,” Kyle Tetting said. […]

What We’re Reading

What’s catching the eye of investment professionals at Landaas & Company are more perspectives on potential effects from the war in Ukraine and a look into inflation, particularly, rising prices for meat. […]

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