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    LeadImage-300x200 2023 outlooks not bound by the calendar

    By Kyle Tetting
    The most common question as we turn to the new year is what to expect in the year to come. That’s a logical question, even more so in the wake of the challenges we faced in 2022. However, any answer to the question comes with a major caveat. For starters, 2022 was exceptional for how closely the calendar year encapsulated the market decline.

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Money Talk News

featuredimage Staying alert to fraudster red flags

“The next morning, the client called back to ask what was going on. She had no idea her email had been compromised and had definitely not requested the funds.” […]

featuredimage Money Talk Quiz, January 2023

Catch up on the latest Money Talk Podcast discussions with our multiple-choice quiz. […]

featuredimage Gratitude is an enriching attitude

By Joel Dresang
Research attests that gratitude can help us be healthier, calmer, better rested, more accomplished — even richer. […]

featuredimage The shifting values of growth and value

In a MONEY TALK VIDEO, Paige Radke explains how conditions have shifted favor between growth and value stocks – and what it means to investors. […]

featuredimage What We’re Reading

An occasional sampling of what’s catching the attention of professionals at Landaas & Company […]

Featured Articles

Like pulling teeth: Scrutinize your bills

By Joel Dresang
I’ll spare you the details of my misadventures with dental billing. The bottom line: Review your account statements regularly, and speak up about anything amiss. Considering all your effort to earn, save and invest money, you owe it to yourself to scrutinize how it’s spent. […]

Withdrawals required on inherited IRAs

The Internal Revenue Service has clarified how it will tax individuals who inherited traditional IRAs in 2020 or later, though it is forgiving those who haven’t complied with its new rules in 2021 and 2022. “It is complicated,” said Art Rothschild, who advises affected individuals to see a qualified tax professional. […]

Over the river and through the Fed

By Kyle Tetting
If anything taught me directions growing up, it was the countless trips to visit family around the holidays. With one exception, I tended to have a good sense of where we were going and how to get there. As we survey the economic landscape entering another holiday season, there’s an interesting parallel between my formative years and the current environment. […]

Investor upsides as interest rates rise

As interest rates have been rising, investors have seen the values of their bond holdings shrink. In a MONEY TALK VIDEO, Kendall Bauer points out some of the upsides of the rising rate environment. He spoke with Kyle Tetting as part of the 2022 Investment Outlook Video. […]

Money Talk Quiz, December 2022

Multiple-choice questions test your knowledge of what investment advisors have been discussing during the Money Talk Podcast. Answers include links to more information so you can learn even more. […]

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