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    LeadImage-300x200 Keeping balance in unnerving times

    By Bob Landaas
    These are certainly trying times for investors. As the novel coronavirus spreads, significant sectors of the U.S. economy have either slowed or shut down. The plunge in stock prices has unnerved even seasoned, long-term investors. I am thankful for practicing a balanced approach to money management. Most clients have a significant portion of their investments in bonds. Bonds serve many roles but primarily function as a source of funds during a bear market.

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Money Talk News

featuredimage From peak to bear, now seeking normalcy

By Kyle Tetting
Every bull market seems to end abruptly, but this one felt particularly rushed. […]

featuredimage Checklist for circumstances beyond control

By Joel Dresang
It’s only human to want to do something, so here are actions I have taken, specifically on investments. […]

featuredimage Challenging the rules on rules of thumb

By Kyle Tetting
One area where rules of thumb miss the nuance of the individual investor is in ballparking how much retirement income investments can produce. […]

featuredimage Economy keeps counting on consumers

Much of the optimism for the U.S. economy is the health of consumers. […]

featuredimage Headlines only part of stock market story

By Kyle Tetting
A mysterious virulent disease offers a tidy cause-and-effect explanation for investor skittishness, but it hardly tells the whole story of the swing in stock prices. […]

Featured Articles

Investors benefit from historic stimulus

The $2 trillion emergency spending bill passed by Congress and signed by President Trump at the end of March includes several provisions of interest to investors and retirees. Chris Evers and Patrick Weyer compiled some highlights, based on what was known at the time the bill was signed into law. To learn how any of the provisions apply to you individually, please consult with your investment advisor as well as a tax professional, if appropriate. […]

For What It’s Worth: Circuit breakers

Steep stock sell-offs accompanying the COVID-19 pandemic triggered automatic interruptions meant to let stock traders pause amid pandemonium. So-called circuit breakers are supposed to halt trading at different points of severe stock slides and are byproducts of the historic 22.6% free fall in the Dow Jones Industrial Average in October 1987. […]

Important Notice Regarding COVID-19

Landaas & Company will remain open during market hours, as required by law. The firm is taking many precautions in order to ensure our business continuity during this time. […]

A note on coronavirus volatility

Market volatility has continued to spike amid the ongoing outbreak of the COVID-19 coronavirus disease. Much remains unknown, and financial markets have reacted to the uncertainty with the S&P 500 reaching 10% correction territory in one week.
The decline should remind investors of key points. […]

7 lessons from my Social Security Statement

By Joel Dresang
Each year, Social Security emails me a reminder to review my individualized online statement to check for possible errors and to consider the progress I’m making toward funding my retirement. This year, I am extra motivated to give my statement more than a casual once-over. […]

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