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Once considered “the most-neglected emotion,” gratitude has been found by research to help us be healthier, calmer, better rested, more accomplished — and even richer.

In their zeal to help investors get more bang for their buck, advisors at Landaas & Company have devoted a Money Talk Podcast to discuss money-wise ways of showing gratitude through charitable giving.

As Kyle Tetting explains, the annual podcast explores “the best ways within the scope of our resources to make sure that we are giving to the organizations we care about in a way that benefits not just them but benefits our tax perspective – because by doing that, it allows us to give more.”

Along with Art Rothschild and Steve Giles, Kyle talks about optimizing generosity from an investor’s standpoint.

They note a number of ways investors can make the most of charitable giving. Some of it involves working with your tax professional.

The conversation includes advice on gifting appreciated assets – transferring shares of securities to charities as a donation.

“If we’re looking for ways to feel good about our giving but also improve our tax situation, this may come into play,” Steve says. “Giving highly appreciated securities is a great way for those individuals who might itemize on their taxes.” He adds: “It’s an opportunity to trim long-held positions with little cost basis.”

For investors 70½ and older, qualified charitable distributions allow gifts to be made directly from an IRA. Art calls it one of his favorite ways of gifting because it helps retirees satisfy minimum withdrawal requirements while helping charities and saving taxes.

“You can use it to offset what would otherwise be your required minimum distributions. So, you’re literally cutting your income (and) you’re benefiting a charity,” Art says. “It’s absolutely a spectacular way to benefit the charity while also saving money.”

The podcast also covers topics such as donor-advised funds, giving to family members and how to check out the organizations seeking your contributions.

Steve also offers the reminder that generosity extends beyond financial considerations.

“The best gift of all is the time spent volunteering in person,” Steve said, “and for those of you that like to give your time, one of the best ways to give a gift is to share that time with others.”

Click here for the Money Talk Podcast on charitable giving.

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(initially posted Nov. 30, 2023)

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