As the calendar rounds past summer toward autumn, it’s high time to start considering year-end financial actions.

“We always appreciate an opportunity to think ahead to what’s coming, to what we might want to be thinking about,” Kyle Tetting says in a special Money Talk Podcast. “The kind of dog days of summer that we get into now are a great opportunity to think through what we should be doing next. So, it’s a good opportunity just to plant some of those seeds.”

Recorded Aug. 11, the podcast features Kyle, Adam Baley and Dave Sandstrom discussing steps investors can take now to facilitate an array of moves affecting investors’ allocations, tax liabilities and estate plans.

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Among other considerations is the value of cash in portfolios, with lower-risk vehicles such as bank certificates of deposit returning their highest yields in more than 15 years. With stock funds broadly rising since last October, the advisors say, investors can think about taking some gains off the table and rebalancing their holdings, setting aside enough cash to cover their spending needs for the next six to 12 months.

“We were conditioned for 10 years that holding cash was a penalty because it was yielding nothing,” Dave says. “And now you have to realize that no, you’re not being penalized anymore for having cash in the portfolio.”

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Year-end tax planning also benefits from thinking ahead and talking with advisors and accountants sooner than later. Among the podcast conversations:

  • Kyle says investors can explore how they might benefit from converting money saved in traditional IRA accounts to Roth IRAs, which have different tax rules for withdrawals.
  • Dave talks about the advantages of gifting highly appreciated assets to charities.
  • Adam explains how investors can use qualified charitable distributions to help causes while also fulfilling IRA withdrawal requirements.

“The qualified charitable distributions are really meant for sizeable gifts,” Adam says. “Maybe not just 50 bucks here, 100 bucks there. I mean, we’re talking a few thousand here and there. That’s when you get money out of the IRA and do so tax efficiently.”

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The podcast also covers the ongoing urgency for investors to provide for the distribution of their estates when they die.

“It’s always a tough subject,” Dave says. “You’re talking about our mortality. You’re talking about our declining health. Those are subjects that aren’t a lot of fun to discuss.”

But in Dave’s experience, planning ahead pays: “The point is, if you make plans ahead of time, then you’re in charge of the decision.”

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(initially posted Aug. 31, 2023)

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