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Social Security benefits not going away

By Joel Dresang
there are good reasons for taking Social Security earlier. But the reasons vary by individual, which makes it wise to consult a financial professional who knows your particular situation.
There also are bad reasons for taking Social Security early. Among them: Headlines. […]

What We’re Reading

A look (with links) at some of the material catching the eyes of folks at Landaas & Company, including: Testing an investing chestnut, a look at investments abroad and how consumers may be cushioning the effects of Fed tightening. […]

2023 Investment Outlook Seminar Quiz

Test your awareness of the 2023 Investment Outlook Seminar. Take a 10-question multiple-choice quiz. You have nothing to lose, and the answers include links to further resources. […]

Paper-free or pay for fees

Beginning in January, Pershing LLC is imposing a $2 monthly paper subscription fee on clients who are not yet receiving all communications electronically.
Pershing, the clearinghouse used by Landaas & Company, also will charge $10 annually per account for paper tax documents clients receive. […]

What We’re Reading

As an occasional feature, Landaas & Company advisors share with investors some of the material they’re reading and viewing and listening to. This time around, Art Rothschild, Blake Miller, Kendall Bauer and Kyle Tetting pass along articles about bond investing, patience, interest rates and a world in which China has the largest economy. […]

Skating through the latest uncertainty

By Kyle Tetting
Amid strong returns through July, investors have finally felt weakness in the past couple of months as the looming shutdown returned uncertainty to the economic outlook. Taking a pause in the run-up is healthy, allowing investors to reassess positioning. But it also challenges investors who benefitted from heavier equity exposure earlier in the year. […]

Vigilance alone will not protect you

By Joel Dresang
My phone rang at 11:06 on a Sunday night. I glanced at an unfamiliar number from an area code I didn’t recognize. Spam, I thought. So, I ignored it. Then it occurred to me that the call could be from a bank. Who but bank detectives would be trying to reach me now? […]

Money Talk Quiz, October 2023

Our monthly multiple-choice quiz highlights discussions from recent Money Talk Podcasts on how current events and trends affect long-term investors. Each answer includes links to further information for deeper dives. […]

Latest links to community involvement

A round of fundraising events involving Landaas & Company employees in September helped raise money for First Tee Southeast Wisconsin, the Salvation Army of Milwaukee County and the Ronald McDonald House Charities Eastern Wisconsin. […]

Guarding wealth against elusive decline

By Joel Dresang
Researchers have found that many investors fear mishandling their wealth amid the cognitive deterioration that accompanies old age. And while a seemingly easy solution is to designate someone you trust to take control for you before you lose it, like King Lear, the tricky point is timing. […]

What We’re Reading

An occasional sampling of what’s catching the attention of professionals at Landaas & Company includes a closer look at what’s causing higher prices, a healthy reminder to bond holders and a dialing back of recession forecasts. […]

How to respond to the calm of summer

By Kyle Tetting
The summer of 2022 may have conditioned investors to expect more volatility. Absent the shocking inflation numbers of last June, it’s difficult to match the market movements we saw a year ago. But it’s also clear that the economic landscape now appears much less uncertain. […]

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