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It pays to volunteer in retirement

By Joel Dresang
After we’re no longer working for our money — when we rely on our money to work for us – volunteering is a healthy way to capitalize on the time we have left. We can extend our years and accentuate our days. Volunteering is one way to both sustain our health and make our retirement more purposeful. […]

Money Talk Quiz, June 2023

Each week, advisors on the Money Talk Podcast cover a range of developments affecting long-term investors. The Money Talk Quiz reviews some of their insights in a multiple-choice quiz. (Answers include links to further resources.) […]

Honoring and supporting women and girls

The Women and Girls Fund of Waukesha County raised a record $145,000 at its 39th annual luncheon honoring females of distinction. The nonprofit has distributed more than $1.6 million to nearly 100 local organizations focused on raising and supporting women and girls. […]

Moving the goal posts to full retirement

By Joel Dresang
The trickier question raised by governments extending the retirement age is the non-financial quandary of when should we call it quits and begin the next phase of our lives? Semantically, it’s the difference between when can we retire and when should we. […]

Banking on additional uncertainty

By Kyle Tetting
While the postmortem on Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse is still being written, there’s plenty of blame to go around. From bank executives and their advisors to the bank’s largest clients, to the Federal Reserve itself. There may be bits of blame for each, but the harsh reality is that such a high-profile bank failure has resulted in many questions about who or what is next. […]

Money Talk Quiz, April 2023

Each week, advisors on the Money Talk Podcast cover a range of developments affecting long-term investors. The Money Talk Quiz reviews some of their insights in a multiple-choice quiz. (Answers include links to further resources.) […]

For What It’s Worth: Bankrupt

Our occasional look at the meanings and origins of words and expressions investors may encounter considers the word “bankrupt.” Let’s just say that the process of bankruptcy is a lot more lenient than it used to be. […]

Online access to your account information

Landaas & Company provides two separate spots for clients to check in on their personal investments securely anytime online. Explore (or refresh) options using the Morningstar Web Portal and Pershing LLC’s NetXInvestor. Learn which is better for the task or information you’re pursuing. […]

What We’re Reading

Articles on artificial intelligence, market forecasts, bond rates and stock buybacks are among the recent items that have caught the attention of Landaas & Company investment advisors. Take a look at a sample of what they’ve been reading. […]

Make plans, don’t keep them a secret

By Joel Dresang
The thought that startled me early that morning of the funeral was that if something happened to my wife and me on our drive, our children might not know how to access our plans for how our assets should be distributed. […]

Money Talk Quiz, February 2023

Try the latest Money Talk Quiz to test your knowledge of what’s going on that affects long-term investors. Answers include links to further resources. […]

2023 outlooks not bound by the calendar

By Kyle Tetting
The most common question as we turn to the new year is what to expect in the year to come. That’s a logical question, even more so in the wake of the challenges we faced in 2022. However, any answer to the question comes with a major caveat. For starters, 2022 was exceptional for how closely the calendar year encapsulated the market decline. […]

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