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Talking Money

Earnings Yield: Valuing Stocks vs. Bonds

The earnings yield is a tool that allows investors to compare the relative valuation of stocks against alternative investments. As Kyle Tetting explains in a MONEY TALK VIDEO, the earnings yield is found by flipping the price-earnings ratio on its head. […]

Valuing Investments: Price-Earnings Ratio

Investors weighing whether to buy, sell or hold stocks can use the price-earnings ratio to put an objective value on the investments. Dave Sandstrom explains in a MONEY TALK VIDEO that it’s a tool better used for the broader market than individual securities. He also says be sure what kind of P/E you’re using. […]

Knowing portfolio income vs. withdrawals

Knowing the difference between portfolio income and portfolio withdrawals can help investors keep their safe money safe. That is particularly important in retirement, Dave Sandstrom explains why in a MONEY TALK VIDEO. […]

Retirement requirement: Distributions

Dave Sandstrom explains in a MONEY TALK VIDEO why it pays to know about and plan for required minimum distributions. […]

Talking Money: Business Cycle

By Peter May
Economic history is marked by reoccurring cycles of expansions and contractions. That pattern is called “the business cycle.” (The latest in a series of articles explaining common terms and concepts used in personal finance and investing.) […]

Talking Money: Earnings season

As part of our ongoing feature fostering financial literacy, Katie Gessert explains the quarterly phenomenon of earnings season and what investors should know about it. […]

Talking Money: Benchmark

By Chris Evers
Investment benchmarks are tools that summarize the performance of a broad market to gauge the relative performance of a specific investment. Benchmarks provide important perspective. By measuring the performance of an investment against the proper benchmark, investors can see how well their investment has done relative to the overall market in which they are investing. […]

Talking Money: Mutual funds

In our latest feature explaining more about common investment terms, Adam Baley describes how mutual funds offer affordable access to professionally managed, diversified investments. Despite vast variety among more than 8000 funds, Adam highlights four key benefits that mutual funds have in common. […]

Talking Money: Total Return

Long-term investors need to measure performance through total return. As Paige Radke explains in our latest feature on financial terms, total return represents how much an investment has actually made for an investor by accounting for both capital appreciation and income. […]

Talking Money: The importance of balance

In investments, as in life, balance offers stability, security and a better chance to withstand the unexpected. Landaas & Company advisors discussed the importance of balance for investors in a Money Talk Video produced by Peter May and presented at the investment outlook seminars in September. “It’s really about risk management,” Tom Pappenfus says. “Balance […]

Talking Money: Growth vs. Value

To foster financial literacy, the Talking Money feature covers common terms and concepts used in personal finance and investing. In this intstallment, Paige Radke compares growth investing and value investing. […]

Talking Money: Corporate cash to investors

Record levels of corporate cash have been fueling takeovers, share buybacks and dividends. Isabelle Denton explains how each move affects investors differently. Joel Dresang: Isabelle, corporate cash is at an all-time high. It’s like 30% of corporate assets. They can’t sit on all that forever. What are some of their choices for deploying that cash? […]

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