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  • Retiree surprises and “chunk or nothing”

    Question mark made out of dollars

    Research shows most retirees face surprises. The bottom line is to expect the unexpected – and try to be ready to adjust.

  • Separating self from true value

    Although managing money is mostly a rational pursuit, emotions often play a part.

  • Handling wealth: Age-old questions

    Out of curiosity, I started looking for a convenient do-it-yourself cognitive test I could take.

  • A glimpse at retirement down the road

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    Of course, all our scenarios of where to live in retirement entail financial consequences – along with investment implications.

  • Retirement: The matter of saying when

    Red sign: The Ultimate inspiration is the deadline

    I have given notice. I told my boss when I intend to retire.

  • Social Security benefits not going away

    By Joel Dresang there are good reasons for taking Social Security earlier. But the reasons vary by individual, which makes it wise to consult a financial professional who knows your particular situation. There also are bad reasons for taking Social Security early. Among them: Headlines. […]

  • Lower inflation, lower Social Security raise

    The Social Security Administration says beneficiaries will get a raise of 3.2% beginning in January. […]

  • Do you need to worry about retirement?

    By Joel Dresang Overconfidence can be hazardous to investors. Research economists at Boston College have found that nearly half of all households are at risk of not affording their retirement. But only about one third acknowledge it. Most at risk: High earners. […]

  • It pays to volunteer in retirement

    By Joel Dresang After we’re no longer working for our money — when we rely on our money to work for us – volunteering is a healthy way to capitalize on the time we have left. We can extend our years and accentuate our days. Volunteering is one way to both sustain our health and…

  • Moving the goal posts to full retirement

    By Joel Dresang The trickier question raised by governments extending the retirement age is the non-financial quandary of when should we call it quits and begin the next phase of our lives? Semantically, it’s the difference between when can we retire and when should we. […]