Both to support the Green Bay Packers and benefit a regional food bank, Landaas & Company staff displayed green and gold at the office two days before Super Bowl XVL.

Employees donated $5 or more to Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin in exchange for adorning their professional attire with Packers-themed accoutrements, including jerseys, neckties, earrings and beads.

“It gave us a chance to take all of our good stuff to the dry cleaner,” said Max Hoelzl, who proposed the fundraiser.

“We had fun at work, raised money for a worthy charity, and the Packers won the Super Bowl. It was a win, win, win. I’m thinking we should do this again for Mardi Gras.”

The drive raised nearly $500 for Feeding America – and, in its own way, contributed to the groundswell of spirit that returned the Vince Lombardi Trophy to Green Bay.

initially posted February 24, 2011

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