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    LeadImage-300x200 Different stories for economy, stocks

    By Kyle Tetting
    Depending on how you measure, investors might be watching two very different stories developing. One story is of weak economic growth. The other involves stronger forecasts for corporate earnings. Digging into the data can help clarify the picture.

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Money Talk News

featuredimage For What It’s Worth: Rule of Thumb

An occasional look at the meanings and origins of expressions investors may encounter considers an imprecise digital measurement. […]

featuredimage 5 reasons to stay invested

Don’t let recent success fool you. It’s still time for long-term investors to hold stocks, as Dave Sandstrom explains in a MONEY TALK VIDEO. […]

featuredimage Moving beyond 1st quarter gains

By Bob Landaas
Fortunately for U.S. stocks, global growth appears to be accelerating just in time to support higher valuations. […]

featuredimage Putting housing in its place

By Joel Dresang
Think of your home as your castle, not your bank. […]

featuredimage Strategies for bonds amid rising rates

Safety first for bonds, but as interest rates gradually rise, remember not all bonds are alike, Marc Amateis says in a MONEY TALK VIDEO. […]

Featured Articles

Retirement: Thinking about spending

By Joel Dresang
Most Americans don’t think enough about spending. Although retirement is the most expensive purchase we’ll ever make, only 34% of workers have estimated their retirement expenses. Anticipating spending as a proportion of income is a lazy and highly variable way to plan. […]

Rebalancing: More investing, less emotion

A strategically balanced investment portfolio is a moving target. The optimal balance can shift with individual circumstances or asset performance. In a MONEY TALK VIDEO, Steve Giles explains how occasional rebalancing can help investors more objectively consider when and how to readjust their holdings. […]

Reflation trade’s effects on investors

Expectations for faster inflation helped boost stocks since November. Kyle Tetting warns that expectations aren’t always met, though, so investors should stay balanced. In a MONEY TALK VIDEO, Kyle explains that it’s important to understand what’s known as reflation trade – and not to overreact. […]

When Should I …rebalance my portfolio?

As part of a new ongoing feature, we answer frequently asked questions from investors on when to take certain steps toward long-term financial plans. Included here is Art Rothschild’s advice on resetting the balance of stocks and bonds in your investment portfolio. […]

The importance of humility in investing

Humility is a discipline that can help protect investors from trying to time the markets and letting their emotions overrule their common sense. Art Rothschild explains why and how to practice humility in a MONEY TALK VIDEO discussion with Joel Dresang. [..]

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