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    LeadImage-300x200 Two factors that matters most: An update

    By Kyle Tetting
    Long-term, two factors drive the direction of stock prices: Earnings and interest rates. The overwhelming direction for both earnings and stock prices is higher. And though the lines do diverge on occasion, the divergence typically doesn’t last long.
    We started 2018 with elevated stock valuations and markets excited about the prospects for future earnings. But short-term, other factors besides earnings and interest rates can move stock prices.

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Money Talk News

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As this bull market passes nine years old, I’m dismayed by the number of so-called experts just fixated on its conclusion. […]

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Emergency lessons from a 40-year-old deuce

By Joel Dresang
What strikes me now about that $2 bill in my wallet is the value of being prepared for an emergency. If you know you can cover a worst-case scenario, you have one less worry weighing you down. You can enjoy the here and now a little better. You’re afforded the luxury of working toward the future without dreading it. […]

Spring 2018 Investment Outlook

The return of stock volatility and sudden rise in interest rates that marked the first quarter of 2018 help inform the outlook for long-term investors. Brian Kilb and Kyle Tetting explain in a MONEY TALK VIDEO. […]

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