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At Landaas & Company, we provide independent, objective investment advice tailored to our clients’ individual needs.

Based on our experience and thorough understanding of economics, we design well-balanced asset allocations using Modern Portfolio Theory, along with strategic tactical adjustments, seeking to reduce risk and optimize returns.

Along the way, we keep you updated and composed.

As investment brokers and investment advisors, we can assist with other services, including:


Retirement Planning

Landaas & Company can help you determine what you’ll need to meet your personal goals for a financially secure retirement. Then, we’ll guide you so you fulfill those goals.

We work with you to establish how much of an income you’ll need for retirement, based on how you want to live, and we’ll adjust for inflation.  We help you understand the components of your retirement income, including government programs, such as Social Security, as well as employer-provided retirement plans and various options for retirement saving.

Our aim is to help you generate income that you will not outlive. We’ll discuss withdrawal rates likely to meet your income needs over a long retirement.


Education Planning

Landaas & Company can help you estimate how much you’ll need to invest to cover your higher education costs, and with you we’ll set up a strategy for addressing your objectives.

We recognize the importance of education for your child or grandchild. We offer a variety of investment options and can tailor them to meet your individual risk tolerance, tax situation and time frame.


Estate Planning

Estate planning involves arranging the transfer of property to your heirs and other beneficiaries, according to your wishes and while minimizing expenses and taxes.

As with other financial services at Landaas & Company, estate planning is individualized and goal-oriented. Common goals can include providing adequate financial security to your dependents after your death, providing enough liquid assets for your estate to meet its obligations, transferring the maximum possible percentage of your assets, and minimizing taxes and estate settlement costs.

Landaas & Company refers the legal components of your estate plan to competent, trustworthy professionals and helps you implement the estate plan you develop with your attorney.


Long-Term Care

With long-term care insurance as part of your financial planning, Landaas & Company can help assure that the unavoidable high cost of long-term care does not interfere with your plans and dreams.

We’ll try to protect your retirement assets and make sure that your plans center on making the most of life – and reflecting on a life well-lived.


Pension Planning

For a business owner, a retirement plan is a great way to recognize the hard work of employees. Plans vary in terms of how you reward employees, the control you have over investments and the amount of administrative detail required.

At Landaas & Company, we can help make your business retirement plan a reality. We have a full suite of retirement accounts to help you achieve your long-term financial objectives, including:

  • Simplified Employee Pension plan (SEP)
  • Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees (SIMPLE)
  • Profit Sharing Plan
  • Safe Harbor 401(k)
  • Traditional 401(k) Plan
  • Roth 401(k) Plan
  • Individual(k) Plan
  • IRAs

We Supply and Monitor Investment Policy Statements


Succession Planning

Business owners – whether they plan to keep or sell their companies following death, disability or retirement – need expertise to help structure an arrangement that maximizes the tax and financial benefits to you and your family.

At Landaas & Company, we work with the appropriate professionals to make sure you have the proper succession planning strategies, including buy-sell agreements (such as stock redemption and cross-purchase agreements), the use of life insurance, grantor-retained annuity trusts and family limited partnerships.

We work with you and your advisors to develop strategies that maximize control, if you wish, while still allowing the business to make a smooth transition whenever you choose.

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