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Lisa Larson

When Lisa Larson was looking to move back to Milwaukee from Chicago, she entertained a number of sales jobs. She had considerable people skills from working in the service industry through college. The job she was leaving was in investor relations for a start-up company.

Then her résumé drew an extraordinary response. Kyle Tetting told Lisa he valued her extensive work in the hospitality industry. He was the only employer who appreciated her six years in middle- and high school forensics — academic competitions involving public speaking.

As she scrutinized potential places to work, Lisa felt drawn to Landaas & Company.

“This just seems a lot more meaningful,” Lisa says. “I like how much you’re actually helping people here. That interests me. And the company itself is a really wholesome company.”

Lisa grew up outside of Chippewa Falls. Over her years of work and college, she developed an affinity to Milwaukee. Her work experience, including training bartenders,  prepared her for customer service responsibilities.

“I think I was always outgoing,” Lisa says, “but in the service industry I learned how to talk to everybody and anybody and kind of read people more, which is helpful in a client-facing role.”

Lisa earned a business degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She lives in Milwaukee and enjoys kayaking, playing golf, skiing, horseback riding, exploring Milwaukee and traveling.