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2015 Seminar Quiz – The Answers

2015 seminar clients

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You’re only cheating yourself if you peek at the answers before you take the 2015 Investment Outlook Seminar Quiz. If you need to refresh your memory of what Bob Landaas, Isabelle Denton and Kyle Tetting shared at the latest client seminar:

View the video of the seminar by clicking here.

  1. They are all true except d. Banks have remained reluctant to lend money, which has resulted in a more active monetary policy from the Federal Reserve.
  2. Asia Pacific, suggesting that companies selling consumer products in that region will have a lot of revenue in their future.

2015 Middle Class Consumption

  1. In the same speech, Agnew, then vice president, also called the national news media “hopeless, hysterical hypochondriacs of history.”
  2. The answer is a, which suggests that as interest rates increase eventually, bonds with shorter durations will suffer smaller price declines.
  3. d. 10-year yields_6_15
  4. Diversification between stocks and bonds helps manage risk in a portfolio. The portfolios with bonds not only fell less after the financial collapse, they recovered quicker.
  5. a, c and d. Inflation materializes from high levels of wages, capacity usage and commodities prices, none of which have been present.
  6. a, b and d.
    a. Investing in other companies amounts to more mergers and acquisitions.
    b. Giving to shareholders includes stock buybacks and dividends.
    d. Investing in their own products, capacity and efficiency could help corporate profitability, benefiting long-term shareholders.
  7. The answer is interest rates and earnings.
  8. a and c. Kyle also explained how attribution analysis helps determine how much of a fund’s performance matches up with what managers say they’re trying to do.
In a prelude to Bob’s address, clients at the seminars viewed a new Money Talk Video in which Landaas & Company advisors discuss the importance of balance. Please click here to see that video.
 (initially posted Oct. 9, 2015)

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