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Money Talk News

Money Talk Quiz, July 2021

See if you can provide the context for a sample of what investment advisors have been talking about recently. […]

Event July 15 benefits Women & Girls Fund

The virtual 2021 Women of Distinction Awards honor remarkable women and local nonprofits making a difference in the lives of women and girls. […]

Uneven recovery early suggests balance

By Kyle Tetting
What is certain, at least in the recovery to date, is that progress has been asymmetric. This is not unusual for an economy trying to emerge from the stresses of a recession. […]

Retirement investing: Consider Roth

By Joel Dresang
The Roth gives us another option for cash in our retirement arsenal, and it’s ours tax-free. […]

A dose of caution amid calls for optimism

By Kyle Tetting
Caution may seem out of place amid improving data, but it’s appropriate in light of how far stocks have run. […]

Money Talk Quiz, May 2021

Test your knowledge on a sample of discussions that Landaas & Company advisors have had in recent Money Talk Podcasts. […]

Taking risks, fearing the wrong thing

By Joel Dresang
Life is full of risks, and as we try to assess how to handle them, it’s common to misjudge which risks to fear the most. […]

Lessons from the quick sell-off of 2020

By Kyle Tetting
Investors, now with a full year of returns under their belts since the pandemic, face an interesting time to be looking at account statements. […]

Embracing (at least facing) uncertainty

By Joel Dresang
I’m always hearing how investors don’t like uncertainty, but more research suggests it can be beneficial. […]

The return of required distributions

For retirees 72 and older, the required minimum distribution is back in 2021, which means planning with advisors sooner than later. […]

Relearning peekaboo in the pandemic

By Joel Dresang
Behaving as if we have no memory of life before COVID-19, no vision beyond our current confinement, may be affecting how we deal with our retirement investments. […]

Snow day perspectives on stock forecasts

By Kyle Tetting
Consider snow days to being to understand the most pressing question of 2020: How did markets post such strong returns in the midst of such terrible news? […]

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