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Plan now for year-end investment moves

A special Money Talk Podcast explores how investors can help themselves now with year-end transactions and paperwork by having conversations with their advisors about such concerns as capital gains and losses, charitable giving and estate planning. […]

Money Talk Quiz, September 2022

The September quiz includes references to Money Talk Podcast discussions about an investment category more diverse than stocks, how the pandemic has distorted indicators and a way that student loan forgiveness might benefit the U.S. economy. Answers include links to more information. […]

No recession yet, the White House says

By Joel Dresang
Two consecutive quarters of negative GDP do not a recession make. Back-to-back declines in gross domestic product is a common quick-and-dirty description of a recession. Technically, it’s much more complicated. […]

What We’re Reading

Recommended reading includes the latest outlook by large asset management companies, how bonds have helped portfolios in past bear markets, lessons learned from previous stock sell-offs, the hard work ahead for the Fed and what’s going on with the dollar. […]

Math hints on bonds, balance, recession

By Kyle Tetting
There’s always a danger in saying “this time it’s different,” but nuance is critical to understanding just what matters as we plan for what comes next. First, and foremost for me, interest rates have suddenly made bonds more attractive. […]

Rust in retirement can affect finances

By Joel Dresang
When we retire, we leave behind more than a job, more than a desk chair indelibly contoured to our proportions, more than a cadre of 9-to-5 companions. It turns out many of us leave a bit of our minds. “Retiring is associated with increased risk of cognitive decline,” says a report from the American Psychological Association. […]

Money Talk Quiz, July 2022

The monthly Money Talk Quiz tests investors on topics discussed during weekly Money Talk Podcasts. Answers include links to further resources for deeper dives. […]

Good things come to investors who wait

By Joel Dresang
Patience is a necessary virtue for long-term investors. It directs us to stay still instead of rushing for the exit during stock sell-offs. It cautions us to remain calm as we watch the declining value of bonds we may be counting on in the short run. […]

What We’re Reading

An occasional sampling of what’s catching the eye of professionals at Landaas & Company includes articles on bonds and a link for investors wondering about how financial gifts are taxed. […]

How part of portfolio can act as pension

By Joel Dresang
I am part of a vanishing class of workers with so-called defined-benefit plans—company-funded accounts guaranteeing set monthly payments in retirement. There used to be more of us. My pension is from a former employer. In my age group, 1 in 10 households has a pension. That’s down from more than 6 in 10 in my father’s cohort. […]

Money Talk Quiz, May 2022

The latest Money Talk Quiz includes multiple-choice questions on topics such as the inverted yield curve, the uneven performance of stock indexes and the fundamentals of long-term investing. Test your knowledge (or how much you’ve retained from our podcasts). Each answer includes links to further information. […]

Unretirement: Part of retirement planning

By Joel Dresang
In 2008, I was asked to write an essay for what was to be a sort of retirement keepsake. The book was to celebrate Brett Favre, the Green Bay Packers quarterback, who had just retired after 17 seasons. But of course, then Favre unretired. […]

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