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Morningstar Client Web Portal

Through its relationship with Morningstar, a global leader in independent investment research, Landaas & Company can provide clients a private web portal with secure online access to their account information. The portal also offers a secure way for clients and advisors to exchange sensitive documents. For clients who already have a Morningstar web portal, please CLICK […]

Landaas & Company Privacy Statement

Protecting Your Privacy An Important Notice About Client Account Information Landaas & Company strongly believes in protecting the confidentiality and security of information we collect about you. This statement describes our privacy policy and describes how we treat the information we receive from you. Why We Collect and How We Use Information When we evaluate […]

Trusted contacts for your sake

  Beginning Feb. 5, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) is requiring member firms, including Landaas & Company, to ask clients for names and contact information of trusted, independent individuals who can be reached if concerns arise about the client. For instance, if associates have trouble reaching a client after multiple attempts or suspect that […]

Kyle Tetting articles and videos on

Please click the headlines below to read articles and view videos from Kyle Tetting and posted in the Money Talk section of Kyle Tetting is director of research and an investment advisor at Landaas & Company.

2017 Investment Outlook Seminar – The Answers

Congratulations for completing the 2017 Investment Outlook Seminar Quiz. Please check your responses against the answers below. View our video of the seminar by clicking here. 1. Bob showed a gift presented to him by 10-year-old Brooklyn Becker. What was it? d. A sign she had made out of Popsicle sticks. (photo by Reuben Neese) The […]

Financial literacy test – The answers

Test your financial literacy See how you did answering questions in this financial literacy test devised by researchers at George Washington University and the University of Pennsylvania. The correct answers are in bold. 1. Suppose you had $100 in a savings account and the interest rate was 2% per year. After 5 years, how much […]

When Should I …?

As our financial lives evolve, we often wonder at what point or how frequently to take certain actions toward our long-term goals. In an ongoing feature, investment advisors from Landaas & Company provide answers. Each of the responses includes links to further information. Click here to ask your own “When Should I…?” When Should I […]

Money Talk articles from Joel Dresang

Please click on a title to read more.

2016 Seminar Quiz – The Answers

You’re cheating only yourself if you peek at the answers before you take the 2016 Investment Outlook Seminar Quiz. If you need to refresh your memory of what Bob Landaas, shared at the latest client seminar. View the video of the seminar by clicking here. Answers: 1) a. The Federal Reserve has not yet announced a rate increase in 2016, although […]

Mutual Fund 101 Quiz – The answers

Check your answers to the Mutual Fund 101 Quiz below. Click on the links beneath each group of answers to see the related Money Talk Videos.  To peruse all of the Mutual Fund 101 videos, click here on or here on the Landaas Money Talk YouTube channel. 1. Academic research has credited more than 90% of […]

2015 Seminar Quiz – The Answers

photo by Reuben Neese You’re only cheating yourself if you peek at the answers before you take the 2015 Investment Outlook Seminar Quiz. If you need to refresh your memory of what Bob Landaas, Isabelle Denton and Kyle Tetting shared at the latest client seminar: View the video of the seminar by clicking here. Answers: They are all […]

2014 Investment Outlook Seminar – The Answers

Photo by Reuben Neese Here are the answers to the 2014 Investment Outlook Seminar Quiz. (Thank you for not peeking ahead. Delayed gratification is its own reward.) View our recording of the seminar by clicking here. 1) They are all true except d. Banks have remained reluctant to lend money, which relates to the next […]

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